Zombie in a Box
Creator xXTrigantXx
Creation 21 September 2012
Debut Switch Roulette
Type Zombie in a Box
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Soulless
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Self levitation
Fires projectiles from hands
Weaknesses Slow movement
Lacks physical defense
Status Undead
Occupation Bodyguard
Superiors Dr. Porter

Zombie in a Box (formerly known as Soldier in a Box) is a RED Soldier zombie TF2 Freak created by YouTube xXTrigantXx.

Appearance and Personality

Zombie in a Box appears as a Voodoo-Cursed RED Soldier who wears a Stout Shako. His defining physical trait, however, is the box that replaces his legs.

Prior to his zombification, he was a good-natured freelance mercenary called Soldier in a Box, enjoying his job taking over control points for his employers. As long as no one annoyed him, he would leave everyone alone, doing his job with all the effort he could put in and without leaving a bloody mess.

After his death, caused by several infant Caberneers, he was reanimated as a Zombie and implanted with a mind-control device which made him turn evil. He now carries out the orders of his new superior, the evil scientist Dr. Porter, to full extent, without pity or remorse.

Powers and Abilities

  • ZiaB can levitate while being submerged in his box.
  • By fixating anything within reach of the palm of his right hand, ZiaB can fire anything as a projectile. It is currently unknown how though.
  • Though he is undead, and therefore, impeded in his thinking process, he is still able to see through some minor tactics and can devise plans of his own.
  • His bodily condition comes with a variety of positive side-effects, like immortality, the lack of any needs or urges and a seemingly never-ending stamina.


  • ZiaB's movement is very slow. Especially faster freaks can simply evade all of his attacks.
  • He cannot move (besides crawling) when his box is destroyed, so destroying it is one of the more effective ways to oppose him.
  • Being a Zombie has negative aspects too: As he feels no pain, it is only needed to deal enough damage until he is capacitated, he is very vulnerable to fire-based attacks and can be easily distracted with brains.


  • Though ZiaB had no right arm in his first and second appearance as Soldier in a Box, he gained a second arm during the events of his second appearance and kept it due to the hands not being appropriatly deflatable in Garry's Mod 13.

Notable Videos

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