The Gunslinger Vagineer
Creator VAGlNEER
Creation November 26, 2010
Debut Vagispy
Type Mutant
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Vengeful
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Inhuman fitness
Stock Vagineer abilities
Status Deceased
Allies BLU Vagispy
BLU Vagimedic†
RED Vagidemo†
Enemies Vagipyro

The Gunslinger Vagineer was a RED Engineer TF2 Monster and a notable member of the Vagineer species, created by YouTube user OluapPlayer under the collab account VAGlNEER.

He was the main protagonist of the Vagi Series.


The Gunslinger appeared as a RED Vagineer equipped with the Gunslinger. He was almost always seen not wearing his characteristic hardhat, revealing his bald head. In addition, the Gunslinger's mouth was different from a regular Vagineer's, being more closed and having teeth visibly coming out of his skin.

Personality and Behaviour

The Gunslinger was considerably different from other RED Vagineers. Unlike his berserking, hostile brethren, he was overall neutral and preferred to keep to himself rather than interacting with others. However, when he was around his Vagispy lover, he was much more social.

What really made him stand, though, was his sheer vengeful determination. After Vagispy was murdered by Vagipyro, the Gunslinger went into a roaring rampage of revenge against him, fearlessly challenging powerful enemies such as Weaselcake and even Painis Cupcake to avenge his dead loved one.

Powers and Abilities

The Gunslinger was capable of using all regular Vagineer abilities such as Limb Detachment, Limb Regeneration and Inhuman Fitness. He was considerably superior to a regular RED Vagineer in physical terms, as shown by the tremendous amount of punishment it took for him to even feel tired. One of his most notable attacks was an explosive punch which sent his enemies (and himself) flying backward.

The Gunslinger was also crafty and was capable of creating "Vagi-buildings" to help him. These looked like regular Engineer buildings, but built upside down and making reversed sounds. He could deploy Vagi-Mini-Sentries to gun down his enemies and Vagi-Dispensers to heal his wounds. It is unknown if he could build Vagi-Teleporters, but it is presumed to be the case.

As a last resort, the Gunslinger could turn himself into a giant head and unleash all of his power into one final attack. This was used to destroy Vagipyro but resulted in the Gunslinger also killing himself in the process.

Faults and Weaknesses

The Gunslinger did not have any particular weaknesses, but retained those of his regular RED brethren, being vulnerable to special attacks of other TF2 Freaks.

  • While powerful, his stamina was limited.
  • Despite being stronger than a normal RED Vagineer, he was still weaker than a BLU one.
  • His blindly vengeful attitude rendered him susceptible to ambushes.

Freak Fights

Participants Video Result
The Gunslinger vs. Vagispy Vagisoldier Win
The Gunslinger vs. Vagified Painis Cupcake Vagisoldier Win
The Gunslinger & Vagimedic vs. Weaselcake & Enhanced Vagisniper Vagimedic Win
The Gunslinger vs. Scunt Vagiscout Win
The Gunslinger vs. Vagipyro Vagineer Win

Notable Videos

Vagi Series

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