PRL Vagineer
Creator Kugawattan
Creation 5 June 2012 (Concept)
Debut The Gathering
Type Mutant
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Surreptitious
Fighting style Mid-range
Abilities Venomous skin
Acid Vomit
Stock Vagineer abilities
Status Alive
Superiors The Original Vagineer
Allies Other Vagineers

PRL Vagineer is an uncommon, poisonous race of Vagineer species. He was created by YouTube user Kugawattan.

Appearance and Behaviour

They have bug-like feet instead of the regular boots and their skin has a distinct purple tint. Their googles have a slight, purple slit on the lenses, giving them a menacing stare.

This kind of Vagineer is known for roaming dark, deserted places. While as hostile as the vast majority of their brethren, they are also quite surreptitious.

Powers and Abilities

Stock Vagineer abilities aside, the PRL Vagineer also extensively uses his poisonous qualities in combat.

  • PRL Vagineers have Poisonous skin, which serves as a dangerous defence system against melee-oriented enemies.
  • Due to their habit of roaming dark places, they have developed to be deadly ambush predators.
  • Another of their unique abilities is to puke acidic Poison at their opponent. Because of its unusual properties, it both poisons and burns the target.

Faults and Weaknesses

This variant of Vagineer is as physically fit as a regular RED Vagineer, which means they have an average level of power and are vulnerable to the stronger attacks of high-rank Freaks.

  • The effectiveness of his poisonous skin can be mitigated by wearing gloves or other protective gear. It is also not immediate in the heat of the fight, unlike the venom spray.
  • While their toxic spray is generally potent and quite effective, the attack is slow and can be dodged with relative ease.
  • Robots and cyborgs are, respectively, immune or highly resistant to any poisonous effects, meaning the PRL Vagineer would not be much more difficult to deal with than a RED one to them.
  • Of course, being Vagineers mean they're not immune to other Freaks' special abilities.

Notable Videos

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