Creator Mssnor
Creation Late 2009
Type Mutant
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Erratic, silly
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Hypersonic Scream
Inhuman fitness
Various others
Stock Vagineer abilities
Status Unknown
Occupation Office worker
Allies Bender
Enemies RED Vagineer

Mssnor is a BLU Engineer TF2 Monster and the first notable BLU Vagineer.

Created by retired YouTube users Mssnor and BenderAKAUnder, he is the archetypal Vagineer whose quirks and antics defined the later incarnations of his species.

Personality and Behaviour

Arguably one of the less hostile Vagineers, Mssnor is still quite irritable and has a penchant for reacting destructively to any annoyances. Capricious and unstable, he does not seem to follow any discernible patterns and as such acts unpredictably most of the time.

Powers and Abilities

Mssnor is capable of using Limb Detachment to shot his limbs and use them as both projectiles and grappling hooks. The Limb Regeneration ability allows him to quickly replace them in case one has been lost. Moreover, he is physically far superior to normal humans in all regards. Consequently, it is unwise to engage him in close combat unprepared.

One of his more powerful moves is Hypersonic Scream, a potent soundwave capable of causing strong explosions.

In addition, Mssnor possesses a variety of seemingly random powers not shared with the rest of his species. Some of them include minor telekinetic skills, super speed and the ability to leap great heights. Also, in somewhat rare occasions he can utilise the so-called "Corrosive Fluid", which is a semen-like liquid that can corrode the flesh of his victims, leaving only bones behind. It is unknown whether these powers are an integral and consistent element of his arsenal or are just random displays of his untamed and unpredictable nature.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Like other Vagineers, Mssnor is vulnerable to special abilities of other TF2 Monsters.
  • Whereas his power is considerable, Mssnor is still a very loony individual, and as such clever tactics, ambushes and tricks are effective against him.


  • In a curious turn of events, Mssnor's silly and erratic behaviour seems to have been passed mostly onto the RED Vagineer subspecies, whereas younger BLU Vagineers display astounding level of cunning and composure in comparison.

Notable Videos

Note: Most of the following videos are re-uploads

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