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Vagineer is the archetypal Engineer TF2 Monster originally created by YouTube user J16FOX2.


Different kinds of Vagineer (YLW, RED, BLU, ORG).



The Vagineer are actually a species rather than a single Monster. All Vagineers have in common their Engineer body and their distinctly malformed faces, which are streched downwards to the point of vaguely resembling a female human's genitals. This characteristic is where the species got their name from.

They appear in several colours and wear various hats. Some of them even have the Gunslinger equipped. They speak Vaginese, a language that resembles a backwards English, but its meaning is actually completely different.


The Vagineer is a mysterious species. They are often encountered completely unexpectedly, while some appear on their own just as surprsingly. They possess certain abilities that make them stand out even among other TF2 Freaks, and they inspire fear in all but the most powerful of their freakish brethren. 

Their species started with a single, cursed Australium-mutated Engineer, a progenitor who spread the plague that deformed him and thus converted numerous others. This accounts for the several variations of the Vagineer and their infamous ability to transform other mercenaries into their "Vagified" versions, like Scunt or Vagispy.

Stock Vagineer Abilities

The Vagineer possess many odd powers. Some of them are common to all known specimens, while others are exclusive to a particular variant or even individual beings. The following list contains the most common special abilities of the species in general:

  • Limb detachment - a very common ability that involves shooting appendages and using them as grappling hooks or projectiles.
  • Limb regeneration - one of the universal powers; the Vagineer are able to quickly recover any lost limbs everytime it is needed. Some Vagineer individuals can completely reform from a single leftover part of their body, and even duplicate themselves if one has been gibbed into many parts.
  • Inhuman strength - Vagineers often easily overwhelm and dismember their victims, though the extent of their physical prowess varies greatly depending on the race.
  • Enhanced durability - in addition to their increased healing factor, some Vagineers are actually even difficult to injure.
  • Conversion - at least some of the Vagineer are capable of mutating their unfortunate victims into "Vagified" versions of themselves, who then gain their characteristics and spread the plague even further. This is the presumed origin of Scunt and Vagispy.
  • Limb Deatachment
  • Limb Regeneration
  • Limb roped to the main body to be used as Grappling Hook

Faults and Weaknesses

The Vagineer do not seem to have a uniform weakness, and their faults vary greatly between races and particular individuals.

What is known for sure about them is that they are never immune to special abilities of other TF2 Freaks, including but not limited to Snyphurr's Stone Gaze, Crazy Machine's Sonic Scream, Nuclear Scout's Reality Distortion or Handsome Rogue's Time Stop. As a result, during an encounter with a hostile Vagineer it is highly advisable to use whatever unique powers or tricks are at one's disposal, because usually they are not taken down easily using conventional solutions.


There are several races of the Vagineer species, whose powers and attitudes are often surprisingly different from one another:

Main Species

Other Species

  • Engina - a stationary hive-mind type RED Vagineer with enlarged torso. Inhabits desert regions. Uses a special scent to attract and devour unfortunate Spies.

Notable Individuals

There are several individual Vagineers who stand out among their brethren because of their actions and/or peculiar traits.

Notable Videos

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