The 6th Sense

  • I live in cp_badlands
  • I was born on October 15
  • My occupation is YouTube video viewer
  • I am A MOOSE

"Would ya look at that..."
The 6th Sense, admiring his hat

The 6th Sense is an illiterate retard who is usually seen as any of the nine classes wearing a Manniversary Paper Hat, even though he doesn't actually have one in-game.

Personality and Behavior

The 6th Sense's behavior can be very unpredictable. At one point in time, he can be acting very friendly towards everyone around him, in about a minute and half later he was found rolling around in the puddles of blood created by his mutilated friends.

Powers and abilities

The 6th Sense is a very powerful fighter and can brutally murder even high-tier Freaks with ease. He was once exiled from Badlands for genociding a group of rather peaceful BLU Vagineers.

Faults and Weaknesses

None. Once enraged, The 6th Sense is an unstoppable killing machine.

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