aka Shirosaki97

  • I live in You shall never know mwahahahaha!
  • I was born on June 21
  • I am Male
Shirosaki97 (Alias Stylx)
Stylx TF2sona v3
Biographical Information
Birth 21st June 1996
Residence England
General Information
Morality True Neutral
Attitude Cynical
Gender Male
Height 181 cm (5'11")
Hair Brown
Eyes Grey
Other Information
Occupation Gmodder
Hobbies Animation
Friends Sariskhan
Contribution The MSG Saga
The Demon Slayers
Rampage (Tennis)


I am Stylx both on here and on Steam (more commonly known as Shirosaki97 on YouTube). I am a GModder and the creator of a number of TF2 Freaks at this point in time.

I have also got some freaks who are not in the works yet, they are either concepts or freaks who ain't got a video yet, they are here.

Oh yeah, here is this thing. :)

My Youtube Channel

Ze TF2 Sona :)

That guy over there ---> is my TF2 Sona, cutie ain't he.

The reason his design is like that is because the Engineer is my favourite class and the Engineer is probably the class I relate to the most. Also the Deus Specs are there because they look cool. His full flowing hair is there because my hair is pretty much like that in real life, sadly I do not have the awesome orange bandana to go with it. :(

He generally reflects my personality, albeit it's usually exaggerated to the nth degree, with him being either exceptionally nice or goofy, or being rather cold and cynical. As of recent, this guy has gotten a freakish ability of his own, which is called King's Luck (a reference to my own personal luck during Pokemon battles, especially in the case of me pulling off three King's Shield moves, which get harder to pull off every consecutive time they're used, in a row). His new ability makes it so during dangerous situations, my TF2Sona has either incredible bouts of good luck or bad luck, which can either help him out of an otherwise impossible to overcome situation, or doom his chances of succeeding.

My Favourite Freaks

Some Boring Trivia Facts

  • My favourite colour is orange, this is shown by me saying my favourite colour is orange.
  • I have a fear of blood, aside from the typical reactions that a phobia ensues Hemophobia also causes a sharp drop in blood pressure, as opposed to a sharp rise. As a result, this can lead to me potentially fainting when I view blood.
  • In real life I'm rather quiet and reserved for the most part, however I always tend to become more social and excitable when in the presence of good friends.
  • The vast majority of my ideas that focus on TF2 Freaks were thought up while mindlessly daydreaming.
  • While I am not multi-lingual, I can decipher French, Spanish and Japanese to an extent......yay. :D
  • I was born prematurely, as my birth date was supposed to be the 1st July.
  • While my emergence on the TF2 Freak universe did not happen until the Early Tertiary period, I have been on Steam and YouTube since the start of the TF2 Freaks, with me joining Steam & YouTube on the 19th December 2008, a meagre 12 days before the recorded beginning of TF2 Freaks, I was however, unaware of the existence of TF2 Freaks until much later.
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