• I live in the world of imagination
  • I was born on August 7
  • My occupation is Wannabee Gmodder
  • I am right behind you...
Alignment Whatever I feel like
Attitude Happy
Fighting style Staying right behind you
Abilities Teleporting
Status "Still alive"
Occupation Wannabe Gmodder
School Student
Allies Stylx
Anyone else willing to
"It's time..."
Scarifar finishing his latest video


Ladies and gentlemen! I welcome you to my page here. I'm Scarifar, and I am here to do some gmodding. I'm not the best out there, but certainly not the worst, either. My thanks goes to people like Dr. Face and minifett for inspiring me to become a gmodder. Also, more thanks to people like Kugawattan, LetheCreator, and TheInvertedShadow for helping me when I've asked them for some small, but vital, things to use for my gmod videos. Most importantly, thanks to Stylx (aka shirosaki97) for being the first one to notice me. Thank you, and have a nice day.

That over there is my TF2sona, a spy with the Crosslinker's Coil, a Blood banker, and a pair of Black-painted Summer Shades.

I don't feel like typing this in all the time: Warehouse

About myself

I'm a CBA (Chinese born American), meaning that I'm Chinese by blood, but born in America. Despite this, I'm often told I look part American, even though both my parents are Chinese. Who knows why, because I certainly don't. Unlike a lot of GModders who are currently in college or maybe even graduated, I am still in high school, therefore being one of the younger generation. 

I prefer solitude, though that doesn't mean I don't enjoy spending time with friends. Still, I am quite shy, even among my best friends. Once you get to know me, however, I am quite friendly and enjoyable (at least I like to think so.)

My favorite Gmodder is Dr. Face (I mean c'mon, look at those amazingly smooth animations). However, since he is probably a lot of people's first choice for favorite Gmodder, I'd have to pick TheInvertedShadow as my second favorite.

My Fav. Freaks

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