Saris Khan

aka LordGalvatron

  • I live in Poland
  • I was born on January 15
  • My occupation is Operational Finance Assistant
  • I am Male
Biographical Information
Birth 15 January 1991
Residence Warsaw, Poland
General Information
Morality Lawful Neutral
Attitude Laid-back, sardonic
Gender Male
Height 184 cm (6'½")
Weight 80 kg (176 lb.)
Hair Dark grey
Eyes Dark brown
Other Information
Occupation English tutor
Hobbies Science-fiction & horror
Anime & manga
Warhammer 40,000
Friends Kugawattan

Hello. I'm SarisKhan, a member of YouTube and Steam communities. I'm a GModder and the creator of quite a few TF2 Freaks. You can find some info on my GMod work here, here and here.

High time I put a direct link to this thing somewhere. Also, you may take a look at my personal TF2 Freak ranking.

Some useless trivia

  • Whereas I joined the Garry's Mod community in the Middle Secondary period of the TF2 Freak history, I had been aware of the existence of TF2 Monsters since the Late Primary. I recall watching videos with Mssnor and the Fat Spy back when they were new.
  • Regarding Garry's Mod videos:
    • I primarily use Henry's Animation Tool.
    • I like lip-syncing. I have easy time coming up with dialogues, often with minimal sentence mixing required.
    • I dislike animating walk cycles. However, growing experience and a couple of tricks help to reduce the mental strain involved.
    • Regarding the plot, I usually define the "skeleton" of the plot beforehand to determine certain specific events I want to depict. Then I come up with what happens in-between these events on the go as I work on the video.
    • Sometimes I can spend an hour animating a sequence which lasts only a couple of seconds in order to make sure it turns out right.
  • I record animation with Fraps and edit the footage in Sony Vegas 13. The current video format I use is:
    • Video:
      • Format: .mp4
      • Resolution: 1920x1080
      • Bitrate: 8 Mbps VBR
      • Framerate: 29,97 fps
    • Audio:
      • Format: .aac
      • Bitrate: 384 kbps
      • Sampling rate: 48 kHz
      • Bit depth: 16 bits
      • Channels: 2
  • My YouTube alias comes from the name generator I used for my player character when playing Knights of the Old Republic.
  • My IQ is 141.
  • I am cross-dominant, but the term "hand-confusion" is amusingly accurate.
  • My favourite colour is indigo.
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