aka Soundwave

  • I live in Cybertron
  • I was born on October 5
  • My occupation is None, really do need this account to be deactivated.
  • I am Yes
Biographical Information
Birth October 5th, 1997
Birthplace Somewhere in Florida
Residence Houston, Texas
General Information
Morality Lawful Good
Attitude Lax
Gender Male
Eyes Blueish
Other Information
Occupation Screenshot Maker
Hobbies *Gaming
  • Planing
  • Making Freaks
Friends Lukas60234

Uncle Crusty
Senior Chief

Contribution *Deceptibots
"I reckon this will come in handy."
Rifleman's resourceful nature

Hello there and welcome to my Freak-Workshop.

Overall, dispite the lack of gmod videos on my youtube account, a good friend of mine was able to use some of my freaks and to entertainment you all.

So I hope you've enjoyed this moment to get to know each other. Have a pleasant day and enjoy yourself at the workshop.

Favorite Freaks

Some Random Trivia

  • The "Late" prefix title of nearly all of my current usernames comes from my Xbox 360 username LateSnake Eyes which resulted from a username randomizer when I tried to have it as "Snake Eyes".
  • Although, to most people, I am new to the community because I've started somewhere around between the Early Tertiary period and the Mid Tertiary period. However, I have been awhere of Gmod and TF2 when I first saw SCOUT IS LITTLE MAC and the Little Scout's Punch Out!! series (note: this was also before I made my youtube account). This means that I might have been around, in theory anyways, since the Secondary Period... probably... I'm not too certain about that.
  • I am confirmed to be the youngest gmodder in this wiki community.
  • Although I've made many gmod characters in my carrer, I have not yet posted a single gmod or SFM video (yet).
  • I like to play games that randomly pops up in my head like: Captain America: Super Soldier, Toy Soldiers: Cold War, Spiral Knights, etc.
  • Suprisingly I can do an impressive impression of Super Kami Guru from Dragon Ball Z Abridged.
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