Biographical Information
Birth May 16, 1995
Birthplace S-pain
General Information
Morality Lawful Neutral
Attitude Introvert
Gender Male
Other Information
Occupation YouTuber, Artist
Hobbies Videogames
FFVI Hacking/Spriting
Friends Sherman
Uncle Crusty
Contribution Painis Cupcake's Revenge
Mecha Madness
The Wrath of Weaselpie!
Doppelganger's Rampage
Siege of the Freaks


I'm Kugawattan, GModder and founder of the TF2 Freakshow Wiki. 

Special thanks to GigaCakeMmmKay for getting this project started with me, SarisKhan, OluapPlayer, ShermanZAtank, Stylx and Xho for their companionship, friendliness and willingness to help develop this wiki to its current state, and Jillian189 and TheSquishyPotatoe for further help polish the more lacking parts of the wiki.

If you want to know things I've planned but still haven't seen the light of the day, head over to my Warehouse, and if you wish to see my take on a TF2 Freak ranking, here.

I should point out that I do drawing and sketch commissions. If you're interested you can contact me on here, Steam, deviantART, Instagram and Tumblr. Here are my prices and rules: [link]

My TF2sona

My TF2sona, always a BLU Soldier, lacking the grenades and with an Air of Debonair-painted Sergeant's Drill Hat and constantly fluctating miscs. Usually any kind of glasses and an informal coat.

I choosed that to be me because Soldier is my favourite Class; Blue is my favourite color, the Sergeant's Drill Hat is my favourite Hat, and the glasses because I wear them in real life.

You may use it if you want to represent me in the remote case anyone's interested.

About my Videos

I can't remember what was the first Garry's Mod video I ever saw, but I know it was before I even knew about Team Fortress 2, but I loved them so much that I eventually bought a Team Fortress 2 + Garry's Mod bundle. The very first thing I did on Garry's Mod was doing Painis Cupcake's face on a Soldier ragdoll.

When I finally decided to start doing a video, it turned out to be quite time consuming, especially due to my prehistoric video-making software. My first video ever was about Painis Cupcake fighting Chirstian Brutal Sniper for no apparent reason. It was obviously very sloppy and of quite bad quality. I quitted doing it after getting annoyed so much by Windows Movie Maker.

However, it wasn't after seeing LEtheCreator's Freak Fight, Spyper vs. Christian Brutal Sniper when I started thinking of doing another video, but my Video-editing Software wouldn't let me enjoy making videos. I searched for another and found a somewhat pleasing one. I made my first Gmod video then, but obviously it wasn't known.

It wasn't until "A very strange response starring TF2 Monsters" when I started to get noticed. OluapPlayer, LEtheCreator and eventually Minifett became my friends, and I enjoyed the most of making Garry's Mod Videos.

Since then, I've made the Painis Cupcake's revenge series, for which I've started to get fairly known, reaching 2000 subscribers by the time I finished that series. I've then started the Wrath of Weaselpie tennis with Sonicrulez11, and made some videos with the new Source Filmmaker, but definitely stayed with Garry's Mod due to the former being glitchy and with high tendencies of crashing.

As of lately, I've contributed in the Doppelganger's Rampage series, and I've just started a personal Gmod series called 'Mecha Madness", about Pencer, Tella and their Robot Army that will try to take over the Freak World and bring rules to it.

Recently I've also started to take my art more seriously. I'm trying to deliver quality products not only for Gmod but for my drawings as well. I have opened drawn commissions for a while now and so far I'm happy with it; every customer seems to be satisfied with their product!


  • My favourite subject for videos are TF2 Freaks, duh, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy making videos about other subjects.
  • I like doing fight scenes the most, followed by plot advancement that require more action that words.
  • I like doing walk cycles.
  • I dislike lip-syncing, but coming up for the appropiate words for characters to say is even worse.
  • I adore getting comments on my videos. This makes me warm, and gives me something to look at when I need some encouragement words.

Top 15 Favourite Freaks

  1. Painis Cupcake
  2. Seeman
  3. Robosol
  4. BLU Gentlemanly Demo
  5. Soljah
  6. Stu Pidface
  7. Soldine
  8. Pyrogun
  9. Shriek
  10. Christian Brutal Sniper
  11. CyborHeavy
  12. Ninjineer
  13. Nightmare Medic
  14. Official Heavy
  15. Dr. Schadenfreude


  • Team Fortress 2 and Garry's Mod aside, I also enjoy playing Pokémon, Final Fantasy, Patapon, Chash Bandicoot, Rayman and other misc. games such as Super Mario Brothers and Mega Man. Most of the music I use on my videos often come from these games.
    • Speaking of Final Fantasy, some of Medizard's spells were inspired by Terra's ice-elemental magic in Dissidia: Final Fantasy. The prickly ice balls who follow Medizard's hand and the ability used to kill the Spy in The Snow Dove are similar to Terra's Blizzard and Blizzara spells.
    • Similarly, my concept Freak Gladius takes some inspiration from Bartz and Gilgamesh.
  • There are too many big fandoms right now and I don't like any of them. This still applies in 2019.
  • I believe in quality over quantity when it comes to Freaks, which is why I tend to have very few, but I give them detailed storylines and abilities.
    • Inversely, I believe in quantity over quality when it comes to drawings, since not only you practice more, you may draw more of that funny stuff you once thought about, giving the rest of the world a great laugh.
  • My favourite (former) Gmodder is RubberFruit, although it was LEtheCreator who indirectly motivated me into jumping in the Gmod video-making job.
    • TF2 Freak Fight: Spyper vs. Christian Brutal Sniper is the video that made me a GModder.
  • I like Uncle Crusty.
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