Inspector Heavy

  • I live in Austria
  • My occupation is Gmodder (Retired)
  • I am Male
Inspector Heavy meets Soldier

Inspector Heavy meets Soldier

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Inspector Heavy

Inspector Heavy is a Gmodder who makes Gmod Videos on Youtube!

He is also a Gmod Character!

He use sometimes SFM! His Videos from SFM was Meet the Inspector Heavy,The Angry Engie and much much more!

His first encounter was at his Video Soldier has something!

Watch his

He's befriended with Uberman765, Uncle Crusty and ugotaphonenumber and more other Gmodders/SFMers.

He is also know as a Hero for help good people.

He also has Superpowers:

  1. With his Lava body he can melt Ice, Iron and Burn everything down! (He only uses for enemys and rivals on a fight!


  • He is a former TF2 Gmodder
  • He makes Recently Splatoon Gmod Videos
  • He Changed his name from Inspector Heavy to Heavy The Squid
  • His channel as almost 40k Subscribers!
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