aka Giselle G. Caklynne

  • I live in Michi-gama
  • I was born on September 14
  • My occupation is Aspiring Machinimator
  • I am Female
Giselle g caklynne by gigacake mmmkay-d309t5i

Giselle's self portrait

Hello! I'm Giselle G. Caklynne, but you may call me GigaCake-MmmKay , founder of the TF2-Freakshow group on DeviantArt . I also have a Steam Userpage , a Tumblog , and a YouTube page (as well as a TF2-Freakshow playlist ). Hook up with me at any of those pages, or you can stay here and watch as I get way to obsessed with how to categorize these monsters.

See the monsters that I have created here.

I'm opening a new wiki that will act as a freak warehouse and constructive critique hotspot for aspiring freak-makers.

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