aka Plamen

  • I live in Yambol, Bulgaria
  • I was born on February 14
  • My occupation is Internet person
  • I am Male
Biographical Information
Birth 14-th February , 2001
Birthplace Yambol , Bulgaria
Residence My apartament
General Information
Morality Lawful Good
Attitude Cheerful , friendly
Gender Male
Height 1,73
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Other Information
Occupation TF2 , active wikis editor
Hobbies *TF2
  • TF2 Freakshow
  • Gmod Wiki
  • TF2 Concept Wiki
  • YouTube
Friends *Practically every friendly person
Girrardi290's entrance line

My biography and personality

I am from Bulgaria , a small country in Europe . I don't think the rest will be interesting.

I am a good-manered and always cheerful boyo. I like to help peopel and make them TF2-based profile pictures :D ( only if they want though. )

My TF2Sona

My TF2Sona appears as a BLU Scout wearing the Superfan ( painted Balaclavas are Forever BLU ) , the Delinquent's Down Vest ( painted Indubitably Green ) and the Buck Turner All-Stars ( painted Aged Moustache Gray ) ( Optional : A Sign of the Wolf's School , the Breakneck Baggies ( painted A Distinctive Lack of Hue ) , and a backpack by choice )

My themes

Here are some optional themes that play may play when my TF2Sona's around

Main - WarioWare , Inc. - Dr. Crygor's Theme

My favourite freaks

These are my favourite freaks:

We are a mistake of nature! WE ARE SOLGINEER!

I am Bonk PanCAKES

Hehehhe....It's like Christmas morning.......

I'm drunk ! You don't have any excuse.

Ha , ha , ha, AH!

Makin' BACON!

I'm wolverine man , you son of a b*#@h!

The GRN Team's hero.

Scombine's unfriendly fellow.

I'm Kuh-ray-ZEEH-ma-cheen!

You deserve to live!

A combination of Pyro and a South Park kid

!nocab' nikaM

I can do this all day , mate! Hahahahah!

Couldn't ya see táh bloody bomb?




Never get here..............

I am Spenser Pootis


Freaks that I would avoid if I were you...


Let's BANG ! You and me!

Slender Mann



  • My favourite colors are green and orange.That's the explain why I love most freaks that have these colors.
  • I'm by far the youngest member of the TF2 Freakshow wiki ( for as long as I've been informed... )
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