Tc hydro0002
Creator honorcrocketts
Creation 29 January 2012
Debut The Monster
Type Demon
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Malevolent, mad
Fighting style Close Range
Abilities Knife claws
Axe throw
Terrifying presence
Status Alive
Occupation Serial Killer
Superiors Lord DeGroot (Perhaps)
Allies Lord DeGroot
Enemies Karma Soldier

Twitch is a demon-like RED Pyro TF2 Monster created by YouTube user honorcrocketts. Twitch strikes fear throughout the GMod World he roams, feeding off the fear he causes among people and TF2 Freaks/monsters alike.

Appearance and Behavior

Twitch wears and distinctively breathes through a fusion of the standard Pyro's mask and the skull-like Last Breath. His eyes have grown devilish bull horns and his skull has a bloody axe lodged through it. He constantly has small muscle spasms and an unsteady twitch in his neck.

Twitch tends to roam aimlessly, being driven by the fear of the others he can sense throughout the world. Once Twitch is close enough to a target, he will viciously lash out with blades he has attached to his hands, lunging tremendous distances with remarkable precision. He then proceeds to quickly dismember and mutilate his helpless target.

When Twitch is nearby, the world around him loses its color and becomes an eerie, black and white setting. Cameras and radios start to emit static.


  • Twitch's primary ability is to derive power from the fear of the others. He can restlessly hunt down a foe that is in a terrified state.
  • He is impervious to pain, therefore he does not even flinch while being hurt, so attempting to stun him is impractical.
  • Has a terrifying presence that causes even brave foes to become nervous around him.
  • Has deadly blades that make dismemberment and mutilation easy.
  • He can remove the axe from his own skull and throw it at short distances.
  • High resistance to physical damage.
  • Does not take critical damage from backstabs or headshots.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • While Twitch is unaffected by pain, he still takes physical damage, without even knowing it. Being that Twitch never leaves a fight, if the foe is more powerful than him, then he is left to finish a fight he cannot win.
  • Twitch cannot hear or see, he only finds his targets by sensing their fear. He doesn't even notice those who completely unafraid of him.
  • He is vulnerable to ambushing, as long as his enemies are not afraid.
  • Being that he is blind and deaf, it is possible to lead him into traps.


  • Twitch's sounds are actually the same sounds of the Regenerators from Resident Evil 4

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