Tone Soldier
Tone Soldier
Creator BloodWraith777
Creation July 20th, 2011
Debut Meet the Tone Soldier
Type Freak
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Combative
Fighting style Short-range
Abilities Head-Shrinking Beep
Boop Emit
High Durability
Status Alive
Allies The Clumsy Medic
RED Team
Enemies BLU Team

The Tone Soldier is a RED Soldier TF2 Freak created by YouTube user BloodWraith777.


While the Tone Soldier doesn't have an origin video to explain his sound based weapon, his debut video shows that he has mastered it. Residing mainly in 2Fort, the audio warrior uses his tones to help fight the BLU team.


The Tone Soldier looks very much like any other RED Soldier, but refuses to wear a helmet.

Personality and Behavior

Like any other Soldier, the Tone Soldier is very brave and will rush to the front lines to attack head on. He is also very cocky in his abilities, such as when he blew up a BLU Heavy's Minigun, letting the explosion toss him skyward, he struck a reclining pose.

The Tone Soldier also can speak like a normal Soldier, but chooses to mostly interact with his beeps and boops. He claims he joined the RED team just to 'BEEP maggots' like the BLU team.

Powers and Abilities

The main weapon of the Tone Soldier is emitting horrible beeps from his mouth. These beeps, unlike the Tin Soldier's, are actual electrical beeps and boops.

  • The Beep he uses can cause a variety of effects from shrinking heads to deflecting Sentry missiles.
  • The Boop he can emit causes identical effects to that of the Beep, but seem more violent, able to destroy parts of a BLU Medic's body and send a Spy flying.
  • High Durability plays a role in the Tone Soldier's arsenal. He has survived a point blank explosion to the face with minimal damage and also survived his friend, the Clumsy Medic, embedding a Bone Saw into his skull.
  • His sound based attacks could easily interfere with machinery.

Faults and Weaknesses

Seeing as the Tone Soldier has never fought another freak his weaknesses and faults can't be downright determined.

  • It can be assumed the Tone Soldier has the same durability of a Heavy, or that of a middle class freak as he survived a point blank explosion to the face.
  • He feels and reacts to pain like a normal Soldier does.
  • He can easily be outsmarted by a clever Spy.
  • It is revealed in a second video that the Tone Soldier can run out of breath after long Beeping.


  • In his debut appearance, the Tone Soldier killed a total of six BLU team members.
  • While his video mainly focuses on him, near the end, the Clumsy Medic is introduced and is the only character to physically harm the Tone Soldier.

Notable Videos

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