• If I might ask, why did you delete my page on 'Psyche?' I was adding his debut

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    • It seems to be a Christian Brutal Sniper carbon copy. And why mark him a Featured Article of all things?

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    • Featured article...? And also, he isn't a CBS copy, however, I was inspired by him, but his origins is completely different, but it might be inappropriate for the wiki so I left it unknown, he does have his clothing, I admit I did copy, but.. He's different, so if I might ask, can you revert your delete please? (Am I allowed to ask that?)



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    • I've temporarily restored the article. I suggest copying and transferring it to the Concept wiki.

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    • ClyxOfficial
      ClyxOfficial removed this reply because:
      Problem fixed before I commented
      21:49, December 26, 2016
      This reply has been removed
    • Done, free to remove

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    • A FANDOM user
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