• I saw that the "Near-normal" category was taken off of Campoman, but wouldn't he qualify as such?

    I mean the only two things that stand out about him are that facts that he's big-headed and has a sticky-grenade launcher with infinite ammo. Is there anything that I'm missing or overlooking?

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    • A near normal freak has a regular appearance and possess no appearance traits that would indicate that they are freak. For example, Christian Brutal Sniper, despite his extreme physical strength just looks like a regular sniper. 

      Big headed creatures like Campoman make it obvious that they are freaks- in fact, having an enlarged head is freakish enough to begin with, forget all behavior traits that he may possess.


      As such, it is not correct to class him as Near Normal, because having a massive head is as far away from "normal" as you can possibly be, in terms of first impressions.

      I hope that makes sense.

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    • Ah, fair enough.

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