The Wrath of Weaselpie!
Author Kugawattan
Genre Action
Original run June 23rd, 2012 - July 25, 2012
No. of episodes 4 (unfinished; planned 6)
Protagonist Weaselcake
Official Heavy
Heroes Crotch Sniper
Oddball Heevy
The Agreeable Soldier
Antagonist Weaselpie
Villains Doc Jarate
Others Nnnngh Sniper

The Wrath of Weaselpie! is a cancelled YouTube video tennis series about Weaselcake and Medizard, and the former's evil clone, Weaselpie. It is created by YouTube users Kugawattan and Sonicrulez11.


Part 1

As Weaselcake has a snack, he is ambushed by Doc Jarate, who fires a modified Stickybomb Launcher at him. The beam causes Weaselcake to morph and ends up duplicating a RED, hatless Sniper with the same pose as Weaselcake, who reveals to be Weaselpie. He mercilessly attacks Weaselcake, beheads him and eats his head, storing it in his stomach. Doc Jarate laughs at this accomplishment.

Part 2

Weaselpie and Doc Jarate rejoice at Weaselcake's defeat, but they are being secretly observed by Medizard. He decides to help Weaselcake, but concludes that he needs help first. However, he is then ambushed by Weaselpie. After a brief battle, Medizard manages to teleport to safety.

Doc Jarate joins forces with Weaselpie, and sets up a plan to cause harm.

Medizard arrives at 2fort, where he meets Official Heavy, who defeats an Nnnngh Sniper because he had eaten his badge. The wizard decides to call the Cop Heavy's attention...

Part 3

Medizard retrieves the badge to Official Heavy, who then decides to help the wizard. In the meanwhile, Weaselpie is seen causing chaos in the BLU base in 2fort, mercilessly killing most of the mercenaries around.

Official Heavy and Medizard find three friends of Weaselcake, Crotch Sniper, Oddball Heevy and the Agreeable Soldier. Together, they decide to take on the evil clone.

Part 4

Doc Jarate and Weaselpie discover a strange-looking dispenser which attracts the evil doctor's attention. He sends Weaselpie to kill the Soldier guarding it, which he does successfully.

Meanwhile, the heroes see the massacre left by Weaselcake's evil clone, and hurry to stop the evil duo, who have the Dispenser in their hands.

List of episodes


  • The reason for its cancellation was because Sonicrulez11 retired from making Garry's Mod videos altogether.
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