The Pyre
Author SarisKhan
Genre Horror
Original run June 2, 2012 - October 31, 2012
No. of episodes 4
Runtime 03:19 minutes
Protagonist Pyre
Heroes Vagipyro(Flashback)
Antagonist Gunslinger Vagineer(Flashback)
Villains BLU Beta Sniper†
ORG Scout† (Flashback)

The Pyre is a short YouTube horror video series by SarisKhan.


Part 1

A beta-style BLU Sniper enters a ruined RED base. During the exploration he finds that everything has fallen into a state of advanced disrepair, and there are remains of multiple dead mercenaries.

Meanwhile, Pyre senses the presence of the intruder.

Part 2

The BLU Sniper delves deep into the dilapidated base, cursing as he sees even more bloody stains and corpses. He descends to the half-flooded basement and prepares to enter the intelligence room. Suddenly, he notices he is being followed.

Pyre reveals itself and plunges at the Sniper, ignoring a short burst of gunfire and tossing the intruder's weapon aside. Then it pins down the Sniper and cracks his skull open on a stone, killing him instantly. Pyre then drags his latest victim's body to the intel room.

Part 3

A HECU squad explores the ruined 2fort, attempting to locate and exterminate Pyre. The monster is well aware of this, and picks them off one by one, all the while silent and sneaking in the shadows.

However, one of the troopers' gunshots are heard, alerting his nearby teammates. The soldier spots Pyre and starts shooting. He is killed swiftly, but other HECU come to the scene and fight with the demonic Freak. During the battle Pyre is injured and infuriated, prompting him to unleash a fiery explosion which incinerates the remaining troopers.

Whilst the squad leader outside requests reinforcements, Pyre suddenly arrives right in front of him, emits an intimidating roar and bursts into flames.

Part 4

Several years ago, a terrible massacre occurred at ctf_2fort. Many vagified TF2 Freaks fought to the death and perished, Vagispy and Scunt amongst the victims, all because of the violent conflict between Vagipyro and the Gunslinger Vagineer.

The two eventually clashed in a final struggle, and the powerful explosion afterwards vaporised both freaks and tore the very fabric of reality itself, creating a haunted, dilapidated pocket dimension under the real ctf_2fort.

Some time later, Pyre emerged from the remains of Vagipyro. An freak-hunting ORG Scout encountered him and attempted to kill the newborn demon, but was incinerated by a fire blast.

Back in the present, after eliminating the last troopers of the HECU squad, the furious Pyre leaves his pocket dimension and flies towards the sky.

List of episodes

  1. Pyre: Prelude
  2. Pyre: Dead Silence
  3. Pyre: Flames of Perdition
  4. Pyre: Genesis
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