The Doctor
Ctf 2fort0022
Creator afilthyleaver
Creation 19 October 2011
Debut Polite Spy: Revelations
Type Magician
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Deceitful, malicious
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Energy Ball

Dark Minions

Status Alive
Occupation Evil Doer
Subordinates Shadow clones of
Dic Soupcan, Gentlespy
and Weaselcake
Enemies Polite Spy

The Doctor is a malevolent and mysterious Medic TF2 Monster created by YouTube user afilthyleaver.

He serves as the chief antagonist in the Polite Spy Saga.


The Doctor appears as a Medic whose entire body is coloured in a strange, blue and black pattern. Despite his blue details, he does not appear to be a member of any team.

Behaviour and Personality

Almost nothing is known about the Doctor's personality, but it appears that he has some sort of past with his enemy, Polite Spy.

He seems to enjoy inflicting pain on others and is not afraid to stand up against powerful Freaks such as Painis Cupcake or Christian Brutal Sniper to achieve his goals, whatever they may be.

The Doctor is also capable of tricking and fooling his enemies and shows no respect or regard for them, as he was shown backstabbing Polite Spy after an apparent friendly request to approach him.

Powers and Abilities

Ctf 2fort0025

The Doctor's minions

The Doctor possesses an interesting variety of magic powers. He is capable of creating an Energy Ball and hitting enemies with it, trapping them in nightmarish sequences with dark versions of themselves. Upon waking up, the victim becomes a dark version of themselves loyal to the Doctor.

The Doctor also notably possesses shadow clones of Dic Soupcan, Gentlespy and Weaselcake under his control. These minions obey the Doctor's orders and can fight enemies for him. It is not known if these clones are artificial or if they are the original Freaks after being affected by the Doctor's Energy Ball ability.

Faults and Weaknesses

As he was never seen fighting, the Doctor has no known faults or weaknesses.

  • It can be assumed the Doctor has the endurance of a normal Medic, making him quite fragile.
  • It can also be assumed that his shadow clones share the weaknesses of their normal counterparts.

Notable Videos

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