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Usage instructions

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  • Name - full name of the Freak.
  • Image - of 275/300 pixels width and preferably of high quality. If the Monster has a custom skin/model, a full body picture is recommended.
  • Creator - the YouTube username of the maker of the Freak. Should include a direct link.
  • Creation - the date of the creation. If unknown, the date of the first available video featuring the Freak.
  • Debut - The first major video starring the Freak. Should include a direct link.
  • Type - whether the Monster is a freak, mutant, abomination, cyborg, etc.
  • Alignment - morality of the Monster; use the standard 9-category system.
  • Attitude - whether the monster is friendly, erratic, indifferent, belligerent or malicious, etc.
  • Fighting style - melee, short-range, mid-range and/or long-range.
  • Abilities - a concise list of the Monster's special abilities and superpowers.
  • Weaknesses - a concise list of the Monster's weaknesses and exploitable faults.
  • Occupation - none, engineer, soldier, mercenary, etc.
  • Status - alive, incapacitated, deceased, unknown, imprisoned, etc.
  • Superiors - the Monster's master(s).
  • Subordinates - the Monster's underling(s).
  • Allies - the Monster's associates, colleagues and friends.
  • Enemies - the Monster's nemeses, sworn enemies and counterparts.
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