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This wiki aims to collect and archive the information regarding TF2 Freaks that have been featured in YouTube videos.

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What is the TF2 FreakShow?

This is what happens when Team Fortress 2 meets YouTube users with vivid imagination and the aim to entertain!

All the way back to late 2008 when the Vagineer was accidentally created, many people started considering the idea of supernatural characters haunting the nine official mercenaries to create wacky, sometimes horrorfying scenarios.

Come early 2010 when Painis Cupcake was first introduced, the potential to create many more stories with these characters expanded considerably.

Today, many dedicated users create very intricate stories using these characters, while the wacky spirit of the Freaks lives on!

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Christian Brutal Sniper and his Spy, crashing their Murdermobile into a nearby Heavy.

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Buddhist Murderer Pyro.png

Buddhist Murder Pyro
An enigmatic character, this gruesome martial artist is the carrier of a mystical artifact in the shape of a rubber duck. All foes beware - lest they be turned into a gold statue.

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Did you know...

  • "...that there are currently over 45 Engineer Freaks? This title was previously held by the Spy category."
  • "...that there are nine disctinctive Vagineer characters, with their individual name and abilities?"
  • "...that it is currently undocumented who is the first Demoman Freak, either Seeman or Dic Soupcan?"
  • "...that Demopan originates in Reddit, and not YouTube?"
  • "...that CyborScout had a spin off comic where it explains that she had a new prostetic, golden eye, so she is able to remove her headgear?"
  • "...that Chaotic Neutral is the most common alignment category for a Freak, and the least common is Lawful Good?"
  • "...that there are Freaks not based on the main nine mercenaries, but instead based on the Administrator and Saxton Hale?"
  • "...that even though most Freaks originate from Garry's Mod, some do from Source Filmmaker, such as the Odd Scout?"