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Major Scout Guy
Freelance Freak Hunter, this speedy Scout worked with the HECU until he became a Freak himself. Nowadays, his attitude and Friends has led him to fight multiple battles along them, involving himself in the QMSC, Australium Unleashed and the Cyborneer Series.

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  • "...that there are currently 40 recognised Spy Freaks, the most of any other class?"
  • "...that Demoman and Pyro Freaks are tied for being the least common recognised Freaks, with only 20 per class?"
  • "...that five out of seven Freaks listed under 'Props and Objects' were created by OluapPlayer?"
  • "...that the Australium featured on ShermanZAtank's series has two variants, the 'Dark Australium' that CyborSniper uses, and the 'Cursed Australium', that created the Original Vagineer?"
  • "...that there are more Freaks that are 'Neutral' than any other alignment?"
  • "...that Pencer is the only Freak whose child, Tella, is also a recognised Freak?"


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Painis Cupcake and Vagineer, known cannibals, feeding on a gibbed Heavy.

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Our last poll, 'Who was the first TF2 Freak you ever saw?', was won by Painis Cupcake, with 43% of votes! Congratulations, lovable cannibal!

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