Stupid Heavy
Creator shutigal
Creation 20th September 2010
Debut Reviews with Stupid Heavy:
Jimbomcb's "Kiss Me"
Type Freak
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Silly
Weaknesses Lack of intelligence
Status Alive
Occupation Moron

Stupid Heavy is a moronic BLU Heavy TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Shutigal. He is the dumb counterpart of Intelligent Heavy.

Personality and Behaviour

Stupid Heavy's most notable trait is his stupidity, true to his name. Stupid Heavy generally sits on the floor or rests his back on a wall, presumably due to his stupidity, although he is perfectly capable of walking and jumping.

He usually doesn't talk, and when he does all he says is either garbled or completely random, he also doesn't seem to understand the concept of other people conversing, as shown when he didn't react at all to Intelligent Heavy's warning about bombs.

Powers and Abilities

While he is incredibly stupid, Stupid Heavy has some abilities that do make him stick out.

First and foremost is that his stupidity can actually help him in the fact he does not know how to retreat, which could lead to him inadvertently scaring his opponents away with his imposing figure (unless he outwardly displays his stupidity).

He has been shown to jump to impressive heights, managing to leap from the BLU base to the RED base in 2fort in a single jump.

He also has rather powerful jaws, shown when he bit into a wrangler and made it malfunction so that the sentry would destroy itself.

Faults and Weaknesses

His most debilitating weakness is his immense stupidity, which leads him to do incredibly stupid things such as trying to eat a bomb and sitting down in front of an enemy Engineer and his sentry.

He seems to be about as durable as a Heavy, although sufficient evidence is lacking.

Due to him not knowing how to retreat, he could easily be finished off by a more powerful opponent.

He doesn't take in his environment at all and rarely takes in his immediate surroundings, making him a viable target for an ambush.

Notable Videos

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