Stealth Keg
Creator HalBuzzKill
Creation 24 November 2011
Debut The Gmod Monster
Teamwork Part 2
Type Barrel
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Secretive
Fighting style Melee if necessary
Abilities "Nothing more than
a Barrel" disguise
Weaknesses Fragile
Little combat ability
Status Alive
Occupation Information Gatherer

Stealth Keg is a BLU Spy-headed barrel construct Freak created by YouTube user HalBuzzKill.


Stealth Keg was created by HalBuzzKill's TF2sona as a means of gathering sensitive information and documents from places too dangerous to enter in person. While its base directive - dox collection - remains its top priority, it has since formed its own side agenda.

Behaviour and Personality

Stealth Keg is a very impersonal and secretive construction, prefering the company of itself and nobody else. It will use its disguise form if it detects someone else approaching and will not reveal itself unless called out. It does not speak as it was never given that capability.

Its main objective is to collect and deliver important and sensitive information to an undisclosed location for retrieval, and will do whatever it can to get hold of it. It also seems to keep certain papers for itself, indicating a side agenda of its own composition.

Powers and Abilities

Stealth Keg is generally a barrel with arms and a BLU Spy's head, but if someone is detected nearby or on the way it will enable a disguise form, which hides its arms and head inside of its body, making it appear to be nothing more than an everyday barrel. It shares a full barrel's weight as well, making transport of it in its disguise form as nonchalant as that of any other barrel.

Faults and Weaknesses

In the end, Stealth Keg is just that; a sentient barrel that can disguise itself as a normal one. Its barrel body is very easy to break which will leave its scantily constructed inner workings exposed to damage, and it has little if any combat ability. It was made for secrecy, distraction and spying, not combat.

Notable Videos

By the creator of the Freak

By the community

  • The GMod Monster Teamwork Part 3(Defunct)
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