Creator 69Starmix96
Creation July 13, 2011
Debut StarEngineer
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Crazy
Fighting style Long-Ranged
Abilities Transforming Rays
Status Alive
Not to be confused with Staregineer.

StarEngineer (also known as Stargineer) is a strange, star-shaped BLU Engineer TF2 Monster made by YouTube user 69Starmix96.

His theme song is Wario's Mansion.

Appearence and Personality

StarEngineer is an BLU Engineer whose limbs are shaped and positioned in the shape of a star (his head counts as one of the points of the star), he usually wears an demented grin on his face, which seems to creep out anyone who happens to be in his vicinity.

StarEngineer's personality is quite secret, as he has not shown much emotion (aside from his creepy grin) in any of his appearences, it has not been told why StarEngineer goes around creeping people out and turning them into props randomly, although it can be assumed, by the grin he displays, that he enjoys doing these acts.

Powers and Abilities

StarEngineer, because of his freakish appearence and his incredibly offsetting gaze, naturally scares or creeps out people in his immediate vicinity, he uses this opportunity to transform said people into random props or other entities.

His most prominant ability though are his transforming rays, StarEngineer utilises these by equipping 2 Googly Gazers on each eye, and then procedes to either shoot beams from them or emit a loud screeching noise, these beams can transform any entity or prop into another random prop or any other entity, it seems that StarEngineer doesn't have control over what prop/entity the victim transforms into.

Faults and Weaknesses

The damage dealt with StarEngineer's transforming rays are immediately reversed when he is defeated in battle, anyone who was changed by them will be changed back instantaneously. Though sometimes the process doesn't work and the victim is left as either a hybrid prop/person. This seems to wear off after some time.

StarEngineer is fairly weak in any form of combat, as shown in his first video, Rappy managed to send him flying in one attack, although this was because Rappy was angry at StarEngineer changing his rubber duck into jarate.

He cannot use his transforming rays on more than one person at a time, making him rather easy to defeat in a group, although usually his mere presence scares anyone long enough to transform them all.

While his transforming rays are usually accurate, sometimes he transforms something that he didn't desire to transform, which makes the intended target a potential threat.

Notable Videos

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