Creator slimetcake
Creation September 29, 2010
Debut Spyvich
Type Headswap
Alignment True Neutral
Fighting style Mid-range
Abilities Ear-Rape
Weaknesses Can't attack directly
Status Alive
Allies A RED Heavy

The Spyvich is a BLU Spy TF2 Freak created by Youtube user slimetcake.

His theme is The Sims:Bustin'Out #2

Appearance and Personality

Spyvich appears as a normal BLU Spy. However, his head is replaced with an oversized Sandvich. He is commonly seen doing a slow spin dance.

Spyvich does not commonly attack people, having 'sandviched' only two personnel, a Scout and a Sniper. He is also friends with an unnamed RED Heavy, who sometimes asks him to sandvich people of his choosing.

Powers and Abilities

Spyvich is able to teleport at his own will, be it for short distances, or even large distances, such as from Dustbowl Stage 1 all the way to a RED respawn room at 2Fort. He is also able to communicate through Dispensers. Even without ears, Spyvich can understand speech, and can also talk without a mouth. 

Spyvich's signature ability, however, is to 'Sandvich' people. At first, he'll pop up close to his victim, and a music will proceed to play. Towards other people, the music is not too loud, but to his victim, the music will be playing so loud it'll sound like an ear-rape. The song that is played is "Botox Forever" from The Sims: Superstar and The Sims: Bustin' Out. Shortly after that, his victim's head will be transformed into a Sandvich, although smaller than Spyvich's own Sandvich head. It is unknown exactly how strong this ability is, but Spyvich has been seen to 'sandvich' up to four people at once, including Seeman and Painis Cupcake, although not permanently.

Faults and Weaknesses

Spyvich is not able to directly attack, therefore, stronger Freaks and even armed humans can dispatch Spyvich with ease, forcing Spyvich to ambush his victims. Only then the Earrape will immobilize them.

Spyvich also doesn't appear stronger than the ordinary Spy, therefore making him about equally as mortal.

He does not want to be near a enemy Heavy, as one would eat his head off though, Heavies can't resist Sandviches. Except for the one who asked for his help.

Notable Videos

By the creator of the Freak

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