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Spy of Influence
Creator PhollopGuy (Concept)
Creation 22 May 2011
Debut Spy influences Scout's death
Type Manipulator
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Composed
Fighting style All ranges
Abilities Influence
Status Alive
Superiors Private Funnyman
Allies Cheese Scout
Enemies Captain Demoman

Spy of Influence is a RED Spy TF2 Freak. He was created by YouTube user PhollopGuy, but adopted by AdmiralTrainstorm.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Spy of Influence appears as a standard RED Spy, though he can be distinguished from other mercenaries due to always wearing a BLU Spy mask. Spy of Influence seems to be collected and serious most of the time, even in clearly stressful situations, for instance when being attacked. He is also rather quick-thinking and clever, as he was able to direct Private Funnyman's fury about dishonour away from him and name a Scout the new target.

On several occasions Spy of Influence has shown he is a very helpful individual. He voluntarily provided assitance to fellow RED teammates, like an Engineer or Cheese Scout, and helped them get revenge or achieve other goals on his own accord. He also rescued Private Funnyman from the wrath of Heavydile once.

He loyally follows Private Funnyman, and together with Cheese Scout and the RED Engineer forms his entire unit.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He boasts the power of Influence, which allows him to affect various events to his or his ally's benefit. For example, he has been witnessed using the Influence to teleport to a specific location, or repeatedly bring death upon his enemies in indirect ways. They usually consist of summoning someone who takes care of the threat, or rendering an otherwise harmless attack a one-hit KO.

From time to time Spy of Influence carries a regular fire extinguisher with him. Even though it was used to defeat Heavydile once, its exact relation to the Spy's powers is unknown.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

Spy of Influence seems to be an average human physically, which means he is extremely fragile in comparison to many other TF2 Freaks. and his Influence has a few flaws:

  • Whilst the power of Influence allowed him to knock away a high-rank Freak like Heavydile, it usually requires some time to come into effect, leaving him vulnerable for this period.
  • Though quite effective until now, the indirect and sometimes elaborate way the Influence functions may not provide a 100% success rate.

Notable VideosEdit

By the creator of the FreakEdit

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