Spiritual Demoman
Spiritual Demoman
Creator Gzero91
Creation April 24, 2011
Debut Demortalized
Type Mystic
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Hostile
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities 'Demortalization'
Status Alive
Enemies Schniper

Spiritual Demoman (A.K.A. DemoSpirit) is a mysterious beta-style RED Demoman TF2 Monster created by YouTube user Gzero91.

His theme is Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby.


Spiritual Demoman's appearance is that of a beta-style RED Demoman, with his eyes usually motionless, sometimes rolled back into his head (glowing white) or glowing red. Spiritual Demoman is constantly sat in a Yoga lotus position, levitating whilst in this position. One of his arms are always positioned down and the other positioned up (this can alternate), and his fingers are horrendously contorted out of human boundary.

Personality and Behaviour

Spiritual Demoman's personality is predominantly very hostile. Upon nearly any other class he sees, he uses his 'Demortalization' to kill the target. He has a long-time rivalry with his apparent arch-nemesis, Schniper, who often clash.

Powers and Abilities

Spiritual Demoman's only three seen abilities is the power to levitate (namely this is the only method of transportation he uses), telekinesis and 'demortalization'. The demortalization power is seemingly unique to Spiritual Demoman; upon eye contact with the enemy, Spiritual Demoman laughs in an almost Vaginese manner with numerous layers of his own voice. The victim is often forced on to the wall - being crushed and their blood spurted out all over the walls. Some other instances of Demortalization have seen Spiritual Demoman to explode his victim in a very surreal fashion.

Spiritual Demoman's telekinesis appears to be very powerful. In a confrontation between himself and Schniper, Spiritual Demoman unleashed a barrage of industrial containers at Schniper from what appears to be kilometres in the sky.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Concerning logic, beings that can regenerate, that are undead or very resistant to his demortalization can withstand his most powerful form of attack.
  • His telekinesis, although very powerful can be withstood given the power of the victim - that being only the more powerful monsters could evade this due to the intensity of the barrages that Spiritual Demoman often unleashes.
  • It is presumed that he can't either move from his default position or that he loses his Telekinesis ability when out of his pose. As such, he is extremely vulnerable to melee fighters. In addition, since he has never resorted to melee fighting, it can be presumed he is no more durable or physically strong than a normal Demoman.

Notable Videos

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