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"Spiderdemo is a TF2 Freak superhero made by Youtube user, Eltorro64Rus . Spiderdemo's main theme is Kid Icarus Uprising - In the Space-Pirate Ship (Ch 8)."


Spiderdemo appears as a Demoman with a red cap unlike the black one, and a red jumpsuit with a spider emblem in the middle of the jumpsuit. Due to the colors of clothes, it is safe to assume he is on RED team.

Behavior and Personality

Behavior wise, Spiderdemo is usually seen sitting on a high rooftop in a modern city, commonly a building with the word DINER at the top. He watches over the city for enemies or villains for him to spot, and try to eliminate them. He seems to easily be able to do this because he has a sense of when villains approach. However, he seems to be slow to react to them. He will usually run away if he has lost a fight to find another villain.

Power and Abilities

Just like the superhero he is based off of, he can shoots webs from his hand to grapple onto objects and trap enemies in web. However, he will surf all over his enemies to wrap them up, rather then shooting web. He seems to let out a burp after wrapping his enemies up. He is also not afraid to throw wrapped up enemies at other enemies.

If killed, he will respawn near a fruit shop and appear as a spider. If fed an apple, he will turn back into his normal, Spiderdemo self. He is seen smoking a cigar when in spider form.

Spiderdemo also seems to be quite agile, being able to double jump, grapple to enemies in close range with relative ease, and more.

Lastly, he is able to to use his normal grenade launcher that allows him to shoot enemies and grenade jump short distances for mobility. He seems to take no damage from his own grenades. He also seems to be able to hold his own in hand-to-hand fights.


Spiderdemo is a slow thinker, and he takes quite a long time to see what is going on. And while he is more durable and resilient then a normal Demoman, he is swiftly taken out by powerful attacks or a sneak attack.


Spiderdemo is a very obvious replica of the superhero, Spider-Man.

Notable Videos

Spidertale Demo-Verse

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