Creator SmartNoob89
Creation May 28th, 2010
Debut Snyphurr 4:
Day of Reckoning
Type Abomination
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Aggressive, but obedient
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Levitation
Deflation Stare
Status Reverted to a Spy
Superiors Sphai's Summoner
Enemies Snyphurr

Sphai is a RED Spy TF2 Monster created by retired YouTube user SmartNoob89. He was a rival of Snyphurr, but he has since been reverted back to a normal Spy by Doc Jarate.

His theme is Chancellor Cole's Theme.


Sphai is similarly deformed to his counterpart Snyphurr. There is an absence of a torso, head and arms (although the torso is incredibly small) and the legs are deformed into huge wing-like appendages. Before being transformed, however, Sphai appeared as a completely standard RED Spy.

Personality and Behaviour

The personality of Sphai is difficult to describe - it is virtually the same as Snyphurr although a possibly less hostile demeanor than his Sniper equivalent. He was shown to be loyal to his summoner, but ran away from him after being turned back to normal.

Powers and Abilities

Once summoned by his RED Vagineer master, Sphai reveals a face similar to that of Snyphurr which possesses the power to teleport a victim to an unknown location. It is apparently hard to escape this, although the Bugler managed to do so. He is also seemingly invulnerable to his arch-rival's Stone Gaze.

Like Snyphurr, Sphai is also capable of ramming and tackling his enemies with his large deformed body, although using his gigantic shoes to hurl targets away in a blazing fireball seems to be more commonly used.

Sphai's face

Sphai's Deflation Stare

Faults and Weaknesses

  • It was shown that Sphai was weak to Doc Jarate's power to reverse Sphai back into a mortal state.
  • If Sphai is anything like Snyphurr, it is possible that Seeman and Crazy Machine are immune to Sphai's gaze.
  • Like Snyphurr, he is also clumsy and slow, albeit not as much. However, he is still a large target to hit.

Notable Videos

The Snyphurr Saga

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