Creator TheHerbalisti
Creation September 13, 2010
Debut Unexpected 300 Subscriber
Milestone Video
Type Spying Engineer
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Impatient, merciless
Fighting style Short-to-Mid Ranged
Abilities Retractable knife-claws

Acrobatic jumping
Enhanced aim and reflexes

Status Alive

Spengineer is a spying RED Engineer TF2 Freak created by YouTube user TheHerbalisti.


Spengineer is a RED Engineer who wears a Fancy Fedora, and is armed with a Frontier Justice which he carries in his back at all times.

In addition, in his right hand there are mounted retractable claws, made of three knives, which he can draw and hide at any time.


Preferring to hide and wander about roofs at night, Spengie likes to stay alert to provide help to any RED team members that are in trouble. When not on duty however, he likes relaxing, browsing the internet, and especially dancing. His favourite map to wander seems to be Thunder Mountain.

Despite always knocking out mercenaries on BLU if they were harming a RED member, he can tolerate members of BLU if they don't cause trouble. However, he seems to have little patience, and will undoubtedly kill anyone who keeps annoying him much more than he can tolerate.


Spengineer is an exceptional fighter; he has incredible reflexes and an aim on par with them. He is able to easily leap from any building to another in a blink of an eye, allowing him to traverse extensive areas rapidly and with ease.

Once arriving into the fight, he usually uses his Frontier Justice to shoot enemies, delivering a devastating mid-range attack. Otherwise, he can use his knife-claws he has on his right hands. Made of an incredibly hard material, they are capable of piercing through flesh and bone. Spengie can use this claw to easily stab his enemies.


Despite being deadly, the Frontier Justice he uses isn't capable of many shots before in need of reloading. This can leave him open for attacks, if given the case his enemy is brave enough.

His physical resistances aren't as enhanced as other high-rank Freaks. He got punched by a regular Heavy and flinched and got knocked back a little, hinting this weakness.

Notable Videos

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