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Creator Uberman765
Creation 23 July 2012
Debut Dat Intelligence
Type Human
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Crazy, heroic
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Intelligence
Ground Slide
Minor reality warping
Status Alive
Occupation Mercenary
Subordinates Spaaps Gang
Enemies BLU Team

Spaaps is a RED Spy TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Uberman765.

Appearance and Personality

Spaaps appears as a RED Spy wearing an Aperture Labs Hard Hat and using a stylish model.

He's the leader of a Squad of the RED Team, Spaaps is sometimes a very crazy individual, but who's also quite smart and even solved a mystery involving many RED Medics being kidnapped. however, despite his usual demeanor, especially annoying people such as a particular Gibus scout, or someone disguised as him can make him visibly angry.


Dat Intelligence: He appeared in the near end of the video where he told his teammates that he swapped the Intelligence with a Bomb, right after murdering a BLU Scout that kidnapped his fellow Spies.

Dat Intelligence is Captured: He went to 2Fort to solve some problems, but there he met Gibus Scout, that was following Spaaps everywhere, after he locked Gibus Scout in a Ammo Closet, he noticed that the Intelligence was captured, and proceed to chase a BLU Spy in the Sewers. he lost him, and after realized that Gibus Scout is back, he locked Gibus Scout in a dog crate. he called his allies to get rescue the Intelligence and get a potion to a RED Medic that went nuts. They moved through the Sewers, but were captured and held hostage. Gibus Scout broke free, and secretly followed Spaaps, who was about to be killed, and saved his life, earning his respect. they then got the potion and restored Medic's memories.

Who Captured Dat Intelligence: he was at the point where the first RED medic was stolen at a game of Thunder mountain, where he shot the disguise off of a BLU spy who was disguised as him. after multible RED medics disappeared, Spaaps starts being suspicious and realized a plot that could injure the well being of all of RED. During the time Spaaps was investigating, a Spy managed to infiltrate the BLU Base, and discovered that the BLU Team is planning to kill Spaaps, the Spy duo and the Heavy, possibly because of revenge of what happened in Dat Intelligence. when the news come to the rest of the team, minus Spaaps and everyone near him, They stole Spaaps' Van. when he discovered this, He was attacked by a BLU Vagineer, that 'kills' him. but, thanks to a Dead Ringer he survives. after a fight with multiple freaks, They go to the sewers during the way to the tunnel that could lead them to the BLU base, where they encounter a door blocking the way and the Sewer Medic, that was going to kill them, but is exploded when the Soldier accidentally fires a rocket at him. meanwhile, the rest of the RED Team discovered that they were using the Medics to make drugs, in the end, They all fight the BLU Team, and win, inside the Intelligence that they found, there was a Strange Jarate, that was gifted to the Scout.

Powers and Abilities

He's very intelligent for a freak, noticing and stopping many plans of the BLU team and easily defeating them all the time.

Another of his abilities include to fastly slide along the ground like some other freaks or even manipulate reality, however, on smaller scales if compared to some other reality-warpers freaks.

Spaaps can also counts on his RED teammates during fights against groups of enemies

For he being a Spy, he has all the arsenal of a spy at his disposal, but he uses an Ambassador, a Knife and a Sapper more often in combat, the Sapper is more used to open the Intelligences

Faults and Weaknesses

  • It seems that he's just a normal human physically, meaning that he can be easily being beaten by many other TF2 monsters.
  • Even if he's smart, he can still be distracted and even being caught by surprise.


  • He is one of the most viewed freaks of all time with all his appearances making more than 12.000.000 views.
  • Spaaps is the only Freak in the Trilogy Dat Intelligence that has an Official Name

Notable Videos

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