Creator JUUD0LF
Creation 9 September 2010
Debut Meet the Spöi
Type Abomination
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Eerie
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Teleportation
Hypersonic scream
Status Alive
Occupation Stalker
Subordinates His Minions

Spöi (pronounced Spoe-i) is a BLU Spy TF2 Monster created by YouTube user JUUD0LF.

He has no given theme, although during his appearances, a static sound is heard.


One day in 2Fort, a BLU Spy successfully captured the enemy intelligence and went back to the BLU base. Upon looking inside the intelligence case, he was instantly possessed by its nightmarish power, becoming a sinister entity known simply as Spöi.

Appearance and Personality

Spöi is a BLU Spy that lacks any eyes. He appears to be a sinister and somewhat sadistic being who instills fear to his victims through his almost zombie-like demeanor, showing no thought or emotion in his actions.

His horrifying presence is accompanied with a rather ominous sound that resembles a low frequency sine wave, and red static.

Powers and Abilities


One of Spöi's minions.

Spöi's scream seems to be able to cause psychological trauma severe enough to kill a normal human or even a low rank Freak.

His whistle does the same thing as above, although the victim's fate is different. First the victim's arms and legs tear themselves off from the rest of the body, then proceed to rip the victim's head off. Afterwards, the victim becomes one of Spöi's minions.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Spöi has never been seen interacting with other TF2 Freaks, making the extent of his abilities uncertain.
  • Spöi does not appear to have any form of melee or ranged combat.


  • Spöi is extremely similar to other Spy Monsters such as Slender Mann and DoomSpy.
  • Spöi's minions speak in a language similar to Vaginese.

Notable Videos

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