Source Filmmaker Model (abbr. SFM model) refers to Team Fortress 2 character models from Source Filmmaker that were recompiled for use in the game and Garry's Mod.

In general, the character models present in Source Filmmaker and featured in Meet the Team videos are of fundamentally superior quality to those used in Team Fortress 2 and normally available in Garry's Mod. Notable differences include higher quality textures, additional bodygroups and greater detail, such as fully modelled fingernails.

Due to the differences between game engines said models cannot be simply copied from SFM and used in GMod. However, a group of GAMEBANANA users including Gintoki Sakata, HelmoChipChop and Stachekip were able to recompile them and produce functional variants for both TF2 and GMod.

The high quality of SFM models alleviates the somewhat dated graphics of Team Fortress 2 characters and may help videos featuring them keep up with the modern standards.


There exist several Garry's Mod Workshop addons which feature SFM models. The most notable are:

  • Source Filmmaker & TIP Double Pack Hex: hexed by The Freakin' Scout's A Spy! contains a compilation authored by NoaJM. Features hexed SFM models with improved physics and high quality textures courtesy of the Texture Improvement Project.
  • TF2 SFM Models: compiled and hexed by SarisKhan. Combines SFM models with improved physics, cinematic lightwarp, TIP textures as well as improved head and eye textures and overwrites default TF2 characters available in Garry's Mod. Also improves the default HWM models and features separate hexed normal models with improved textures.
    • TF2 HWM SFM Models: an expansion to the above addon which contains hexed Hardware Morph variants of SFM models extracted from Team Fortress 2 Classic. Features standard RED and BLU, but also YLW and GRN teams.
    • TF2 SFM Paintable Mercs: another expansion which contains both standard and HWM SFM models with textures that may be coloured with the use of Hat Painter Tool.


  • Note the text on Pyro's head and Medic's glasses.
  • Modelled fingernails.
  • Removable glasses for Medic and Sniper.
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