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Creator Malcolm9762
Creation February 19th, 2010
Debut I Eat Your Freakin' Heavy
Type Hybrid
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Engineer: Good-natured
Soldier: Determined, strict
Fighting style All ranges
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Hybrid Building Creation
Status Alive
Occupation RED Team Helper

Solgineer is a RED Soldier/Engineer fusion TF2 Monster created by YouTube user Malcolm9762.

Their theme is Crash Twinsanity - Boiler Room Doom.

Appearance and Behaviour

Solgineer is an Engineer on his left side and a Soldier on the right, like a two-headed conjoined twin. They have one leg and arm per each half of the body.

Most of the time, Solgineer is a well-dispositioned person and helps the RED Team achieve their goals, usually by eliminating threats. The Engineer part is the more nice one, while Soldier is more strict and determined. The personalities of their constituent halves act in harmony and do not seem to ever argue with each other.

Solgineer loves to rest and relax. However, when sufficiently provoked, Solgineer does not handle the offender with kid gloves and promptly punishes them severely. Even their teammates are susceptible to their rage, and sometimes they even kill them seemingly without second thoughts.

Apart from their signature introduction, their catchphrases include "Erectin' cocket!" when attacking and "Makin' cupcakes" after achieving a victory.

Powers and Abilities

Solgineer is naturally quite strong, and apparently can enlarge their feet to deliver powerful kicks. Solgineer has the ability to teleport instantaneously from one place to another. They may teleport even inside an individual and tele-frag them as a result.

More notably, they can make hybrid buildings, like a "Dispentry". For example, they uses them to deal with annoying Scouts or to guard control points, with their efficiency increased due to the double-functionality.

When things get hairy, Solgineer launches a "cocket" from their crotch, exploding their enemy with devastating force. It is quite powerful, since it is capable of one-shotting a normal mercenary and leaves a large scorched impact area.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Since they have been seen teleporting out of the harm's way, it can be presumed his durability is not substantially higher than that of a regular mercenary.
  • They are a rather slow attacker.
  • Though unconfirmed, it may be possible to antagonise both halves and make them fight each other, since it is known their personalities differ.


  • It is rumoured that Solgineer is the result of a tele-frag accident.

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