Soiled Diaper Station
Creator xXTrigantXx
Creation August 18th, 2012
Debut Mischievous Medics
golden lunch
Type Human
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Childish
Fighting style Close range
Abilities Explosion
Status Alive
Superiors Potatoneer
Allies Mischievous Medic

Soiled Diaper Station is a BLU Heavy TF2 Freak created by xXTrigantXx.

His theme is Super Paper Mario - Big Blooper Appears.

Appearance and Personality

Soiled Diaper Station appears as a BLU Heavy wearing a Magnificent Mongolian. He is always seen smiling happily, mostly while humming or singing a melody.

He is almost always in a cheerful mood, and there is almost nothing that can stop him from smiling or being amused. He always acts like a child from a pseudo happy family, enjoying nothing more than to sing and dance or playing with toys (such as rubber ducks, which he prefers over teddy bears).

When he sees someone near him, he approaches the person with a big grin and asks them to sing with him. If the response is positive, he gives the person in front a tune to sing. It does not matter if the person sings wrong, since Soiled Diaper Station ALWAYS compliments his newfound friend on his singing voice ("Iz good.").

However, if he gets a negative response, Soiled Diaper Station will immediately get a deranged expression on his face, exploding afterwards.


Soiled Diaper Station's most prominent (and only) ability is to explode after getting a negative response to his usual question.

However, he does have a defense system of some sort:

While not accompanied by his friend Mischievous Medic or his superior Potatoneer, a flying Conscientious Objector always rests by his side, shushing away aggressive other freaks that want to harm him. This works for low and mid tier freaks.

Additionally, he respawns at Foundry when killed or when he explodes.


  • SDS does not harm anyone by himself in any given circumstance, making him a poor fighter.
  • His Conscientious Objector is useless against combat oriented freaks, and he is practically defenseless without it or help by other freaks.
  • The timespan between his deranged face and the explosion is long enough for aggressive freaks to attack.
    • A succesfull hit during this timespan also disables the explosion until his face gets deranged again.

Notable Videos

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