Creator AnimaL
Creation 18 June 2011
Debut The Totally Unexpected
300 Subscriber Milestone
Type Warrior
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Aggressive
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Enhanced fitness
Martial arts
Special cans
Fastball Attack
Status Alive, unemployed
Occupation Freak for hire
Allies Product Man
Enemies Typewriter

Sodeanator is a RED Soldier TF2 Freak conceptualised by YouTube user AnimaL, but adopted by other users, like TheInvertedShadow and AdmiralTrainstorm.


Sodeanator appears as a RED Soldier with the Killer's Kabuto, the Heavy's Football Helmet (under his helm), the Dangeresque, Too? and 2 Bonk! Atomic Punches on his bandolier.

Personality and Behaviour

Sodeanator is an aggressive and belligerent individual. He seems to be in a state of perpetual, more-or-less controlled fury, and often challenges others with little to no provocation. He is also unflinching, as he rarely shows any signs of doubt or fear even when fighting a losing battle.

There is a domineering side to Sodeanator's personality as well. He has been seen forcing Dick Sandvich and Ass Pancakes to kill a small RED team under threat of death, and eventually eliminated them anyway, despite their success.

Powers and Abilities

Sodeanator seems to be a proficient martial artist. He has been seen performing various impressive stunts including giant leaps, mid-air roundhouse kicks, long-distance jump kicks and various others. He is also stronger than an average human, since he is able to tear one's limbs with little effort and send normal people flying with his punches.

Sodeanator's special abilities stem from his thematic soda cans. Red cans cause big knock back on hit, blue cans deflect energy attacks, whilst purple cans divert bullets. Blue übered cans freeze objects they hit and red übered cans ignite objects on impact.

Another ability of Sodeanator's is his "Fastball Attack", where he literally just throws a baseball at his opponents (with some surprising speed actually). This attack is shown to be rather damaging, working well on human opponents.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Whilst he is able to completely demolish regular people and low-rank Freaks, Sodeanator is a sort of a joke character who cannot really compare with many other Monsters in terms of combat prowess.
  • He is also aggressive and impulsive, which means he acts rashly and may be easily outsmarted.
  • He lacks any methods of long-range combat, leaving him vulnerable to opponents with weapons etc.


  • Originally created by a retired YouTube user AnimaL (who has since returned as AllAmericanDefender), Sodeanator was practically forced to appear in one of TheInvertedShadow's videos. Because of this and the fact he has been since adopted by AdmiralTrainstorm as well, his current incarnation is presumably a caricature of his intended disposition and powers.

Notable Videos

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