Creator WaailsCleanTrash
Creation 2nd March, 2016
Debut (GMod) Shit gets real to
Type Mutant
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Egotistical,
Fighting style Medium-Long Range
Abilities Superhuman Strength and Durability
Faeces Pile Summon
Super Jump
Diarrhea Attack
Weaknesses Anything that is clean.
Status Presumably Alive
Occupation "Shit Throwing Villain"
Superiors Uncle Crusty(For revenge)
Allies Crack Cupcake(For revenge)
Enemies SomeCleanTrash

ShitPutridYam, formerly known as "ThatShittyThing" in his first video, but sometimes known as "Shit Spyis a mutated brown tinted RED Spy TF2 Freak created by YouTube user WaailsCleanTrash.

Origins and Appearance

It's currently unknown about where did he came from, but from the description of "Shit gets real to SomeCleanTrash", it says that "a brown helmet villain raises from the depths of the pure sewage". ShitPutridYam seems like a RED Spy with a brown and dirty skin, wearing a ball of pure excrements for his helmet and a big paper bag as his backpack. He is mostly seen with that big twisted smile on his face.

Behavior and Personality

He once visited the Big City garbage dump, to turn the trash that SomeCleanTrash cleaned into a huge pile of shit, causing both to fight. He seems to have fun turning any clean area into the way he likes, with loads of pure fecal matters. Like SomeCleanTrash, he has a speech disorder which makes him talk in captions while his speech sounds like reversed spy laughs, grunts or screams, depending on his expression, but unlike the clean freak, he can't emit an horrifying undead sound when angry. Despite being a villain, he likes to spare his enemies like those fights were fair duels, wanting to high five them. However, once he wanted to spare SomeCleanTrash, the BLU scout freak denied and snapped his neck, temporarily killing him.

  • SomeCleanTrash's clean trash turned into a pile of shit by ShitPutridThing
  • The Toilet Jet
  • When he is sparing his opponent
  • Revived ShitPutridYam about to kill a soldier (before he failed)
  • ShitPutridYam once again revived but now disordered.

Powers and Abilities

ShitPutridYam, besides the ability of summoning piles of faeces, has an abnormal strength, endurance and he is mostly considered "immortal", as he got his neck snapped by SomeCleanTrash, punched into bits by a heavy in gold armor called "Illbohema", and then exploded into bits by an army of fascists with a tank included, having his head lost in the middle of the tropical forest of Big Island. Some of the abilities are similar to his counterpart and arch nemesis SomeCleanTrash, like the endurance, strength, super jump, agility, flexibility and semi-immortability. When he dies, he is always respawned through the pure sewage that lies in the large pipes underground.

He has a special vehicle, "The Toilet Jet", a floating toilet with toilet paper turbines and two yellow wings that somehow resembles corn. When it flies, the turbines emits sewage that serves like some thrusters or speed boost. It can't fly as fast as any normal jets but is controlled through his mind with no fuel needed and can shoot a slow and deadly "explosive crap", which was very effective enough to "destroy" SomeCleanTrash's Clean Trash Mobile.

Faults and Weaknesses

He barely fears anything but anything that is clean is what mostly makes him disturbed, especially cleaning products and the influence of SomeCleanTrash and his cleaning milk, because all of those are corrosive to him, burning him on contact. A large mass of cleaning products may melt him to a temporary death.


  • The bag on his back is a reference to the "flaming bag of poop" prank.
  • If removing the lowercase letters from his name, it becomes "SPY".

Notable Videos

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