Creator Xho
Creation 24th October 2012
Debut The Demonic Ambush
Type Demon
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Aggressive
Fighting style Close/Mid-Range
Abilities Superhuman strength
Daemonic powers
Weaknesses Reckless
Status At large
Occupation Bodyguard
Demon Lord
Superiors Nightmare Medic
Subordinates Men of Mystery
Allies Infierno

Sentinel is a demonic Soldier TF2 Monster and one of Nightmare Medic's trusted servants. He was created by YouTube user Xho. He wears the Infernal Impaler, Yuurei Menpo, Mantreads, Ghoul Gibbin' Gear and a Shogun's Shoulder Guard.

His theme is Wolfenstein: The New Order OST - Deathshead Final Fight.

Personality and Behaviour

Sentinel is, among Nightmare Medic's servants, the most feared of all of them. Most like his master in many ways, Sentinel calculates with precision and punishes without remorse or any regard of the consequence. Colossal in his stature and atmosphere, Sentinel is the third-in-command of Nightmare Medic's forces, and is the most potent of them all in terms of his abilities in correlation with his persona. Sentinel is fearless to the point of overconfidence, and in most cases rightly so, though this has landed him in trouble more than once. Sentinel has a disregard for Infierno and his cowardly personality, and has little concerns for Behemoth and uses him thus. Nightmare Medic, despite Sentinel's superiority over his servants, considers him second to Infierno however.

Powers and Abilities

Sentinel, power against weakness, is the strongest of Nightmare Medic's servants. His speed, coupled with his overtly terrifying strength and some dominion over hellish magic, makes Sentinel an incredibly dangerous opponent should one underestimate him. Sentinel's speed, considerably faster than average though not on par with Freaks such as Major Scout Guy or Ninjineer, grants him great momentum in his attacks. He is capable of summoning a giant hammer in which he is able to swing with enough power to hurl multiple tonnes from the ground. In return, Sentinel is highly durable, though nowhere near Behemoth. His power over hellish magic, small in degree to Infierno however, is able to amplify his strength in small bursts at a cost of his overall speed.

Faults and Weaknesses

Despite his speed and strength, Sentinel's ferocity in combat is misplaced at times - working Sentinel into a further rage can render him inaccurate in his attempts to become even faster in attacking. Whilst this usually plays to Sentinel's advantage, more calculating enemies can poke through his recklessness. Sentinel's overconfidence additionally removes his ability to recognise superior threats, and engages them regardless of the foreseeable result.

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