Scott Mundy
4000 screenshots 2012-01-30 00003 (1)
Creator GigaCake-MmmKay
Creation 30 Jan 2012 (Concept)
Debut Scott Mundy tries
to Rescue Someone
Type Enthusiast
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Obsessive
Fighting style Short- to- mid-range
Abilities Powered flight
Crazed laser gun shooting
Status Alive
Occupation Thunderbirds Fanboy

Scott Carpenter Mundy (also known as Giga!Sniper) is the PRL Sniper TF2sona of GigaCake-MmmKay, co-created by UchihaMidnight.


He used to be a normal Sniper, trying to find his place in the war between RED and BLU, but his frustration coupled with his lack of skills made him go mad, eventually turning him into the Freak he is today.


Scott Mundy appears as a PRL Sniper with the Trophy Belt, always seen armed with a Righteous Bison and a Pomson 6000.

Personality and Behaviour

As his quote suggests, he believes himself to be Scott Tracy, one of the heroes of the 1965 British sci-fi series Thunderbirds, which is his absolute favorite show, to the point where he decorated his camper van to resemble Mr. Tracy's iconic rocket, the Thunderbird 1.

He often tries to "rescue" people using his abilities, though with his madness, he has a hard time figuring out who's in danger and who is a danger. Should everything go wrong for Scott, he goes berserk, shooting anything and everything in an attempt to destroy all enemies.

Abilities and Weaknesses

He possesses "space guns", Dr. Grordbort's laser weapons, for their aesthetic appeal. He uses them frequently, often with drastic consequences. In addition, he has special jets in his boots which enable him to fly for short distances.

Other than that, however, he appears to be a normal Sniper for all intents and purposes, rendering him quite vulnerable and somewhat ineffective against many super-powered TF2 Freaks.


  • Scott Mundy is the first PRL TF2 Freak who has appeared in a YouTube video.

Notable videos

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