Santa Soldier
Creator Weegeetnik
Creation December 2011
Debut Heavy gives Medic a gift
Type Saint
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Cheerful
Admonishing (to "naughty"
Abilities Has an endless supply
of gifts
(for nice people)
Status Alive
Occupation Benefactor; gift giver
Subordinates Elvescouts
Enemies Anyone who acts "naughty"

Santa Soldier is a Christmas celebrating RED Soldier TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Weegeetnik.

Appearance and Behavior

The Santa Soldier is a normal RED Soldier wearing the B.M.O.C., the All-Father, the Kringle Collection and the Mantreads. 

As the Spirit of Christmas in the TF2 Freak universe, Santa Soldier is very cheerful and friendly, and can be often found giving gifts to people both as a reward for good deeds, whether the receiver is a Freak or a normal person. However, he also can be severe against people with bad behavior or act naughty, and refuses to give them gifts even if his own life is threatened.

Powers and Abilities

While not technically a Freak himself, Santa Soldier has an endless supply of gifts on his person, which all contain objects that Santa Soldier somehow knows that people might like. In contrast, he punishes "naughty" people by fighting them with enhanced armory, or by taking back and keeping objects that used to belong to said naughty people.

He also uses a (presumably modified) rocket launcher to throw gifts and move with big rocket jumps.

Faults and Weaknesses

Despite being the Spirit of Christmas, Santa Soldier is no less stronger than a typical Soldier due to having a very little selection of abilities to use. He has the same endurance as one, so powerful Freaks can do as much damage than he can take.

Notable videos

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