Samurai Demo
Samurai Demo
Creator theTig3r42
Creation December 9, 2011
Debut Karate Sniper Returns
Type Metahuman
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Conceited, smug
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Swordsmanship
Peak human fitness
Weaknesses Lack of long-ranged weaponry
Status Alive
Occupation Master Samurai
Allies Karate Scout
Enemies Karate Sniper

Samurai Demo is a RED Demoman TF2 Freak created by YouTube user theTig3r42.

Appearance and Personality

Samurai Demo is a simple RED Demoman wearing the Samur-Eye. He has a very distorted and expressive face, so it quite shows when he's smiling or frowning.

Apparently, the Demoman is a master samurai, as he likes to announce his presence to anyone who encounter him. Evidently, he's very proud of himself and hates being laughed at. The level of his intelorance towards people who disrespect him becomes quite clearly understood when he begins to be extremely belligerent and intends to severely punish offenders for their insolence. Sporting a Half-Zatoichi and furious agility, he manifests the epitome of sword fighting. When he emerges victorious, he chuckles smugly at his opponent's defeat.

He is likely to form alliances to dispose of mutual offenders.

Powers and Abilities

The self-proclaimed master Samurai Demo possesses phenomenal strength when it comes to sword fighting; with his katana he is able slice off someone's limb with an astonishing degree of accuracy.

Using some exceptional acrobatic skills in combat, he is able to jump for quite a distance and land on the ground completely unharmed, often to gain sufficient impetus to smite his opponents in half. Since he typically leaps into the air before commencing a strike, he is most comfortable fighting on higher ground relative to his opponents, which significantly boosts his chances of performing a successful attack in a short amount of time- simultaneously, he can avoid possible offense tactics or surpise attacks as a result of having a clear vantage point, thus allowing him a certain degree of control for the outcome of the situation he is dealing with.

In addition to his proficiency in melee combat, he also appears to be able to endure a considerable amount of damage, as he could take up a beating, a sizable explosion, and two powerful kicks in the face without dying, only causing him to pass out.

Faults and Weaknesses

While not fully explored, it can be assumed none of his physical qualities are beyond mid-rank Freak level and as such is no match against the stronger TF2 Monsters.

Despite his ability to leap and cover a long distance between his targets, as a melee fighter he lacks any method of long range combat, which poses a significant disadvantage from users of firearms or indeed supernatural powers.

Finally, his overconfidence can be his undoing as he is vulnerable to potential ambush tactics.

Notable Videos

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