Creator Xho
Creation August 6th, 2012
Debut Interesting Spy Has
A Few Issues
Type Cyborg
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Machine-like
Fighting style Long Range
Status At large
Occupation Cyber-Guard of Bob and Bob
Superiors Bob and Bob
Allies Interesting Spy
Bob and Bob
Enemies Nightmare Medic

Rex (Long name Robot Encounter-Disposal X-Type ) is a large RED Heavy-like cyborg TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Xho.

Appearance and Personality

First and foremost, Rex is a large cyborg created by Bob - wearing a glowing TF2VRH, a Nanobalaclava and a Purity Fist.

Rex's personality can be summarised by one word - "Machine". Rex speaks with a resonating robotic voice, and moves very slowly, almost in a statuesque fashion. Rex was made by Bob purely for bodyguard purposes and so far he has served this purpose rather badly. In his defence, his first encounter was with Nightmare Medic. Originally, Rex had a human like skin over his metal body. Since then, his appearance has been stripped down to his metal frame.

Powers and Abilities

Like most combat-based cyborgs, Rex is stronger than the average Heavy. This makes him a more-than-adequate close-combat fighter. However, his most comfortable form of combat is his inhumanly powerful, oversized Cow Mangler designed by Bob. This space-launcher can easily disintegrate most enemies (mainly if the cannon hits the target).

Rex also possesses a strong cannon in his left arm (which the hand deflates, revealing the cannon). It winds up with a Minigun sound, and then proceeds to sound like a Cow Mangler. It is probable that this is the Cow Mangler he once wielded, but fitted into his arm.

Faults and Weaknesses

Rex, as a machine is easily corruptible and can obey anyone who can access his controls. He is also rather slow moving, and sometimes does not move at all if he cannot recognize danger - Undead and Demonic freaks are at an advantage fighting Rex.

Notable Videos

By the creator of the Freak

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