Razor Portrait
Creator SarisKhan
Creation 28 September 2012
Debut Frost Fight (Cameo)
Type Liquidator
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Professional, quiet
Fighting style All ranges
Abilities Expert marksmanship
Expert swordsmanship
Status Alive
Occupation Enforcer
Superiors Dr. Schadenfreude
Subordinates Golem
Allies Cryo

Razor is a GRY Sniper TF2 Freak who wears a Liquidator's Lid and Villain's Veil. He was created by YouTube user SarisKhan.

His shared theme is Black Mesa OST - We've Got Hostiles.

Personality and Behaviour

Razor is a full-fledged professional killer. He is composed, methodic and efficient. He has a very competent and serious approach toward any mission he has been tasked with, and will do his best to accomplish the goal.

He stays silent most of the time, and when he speaks, he limits himself to monotonously whispering short orders and remarks. Golem is basically yet another weapon in his hands, slow but powerful. On the other hand, Razor approves of Shriek's undying enthusiasm and vigorous attitude when on a mission, but is often irritated by his subordinate's loquaciousness and lack of obedience.

Powers and Abilities

Razor has a superb, military-grade combat training and is a true weapon master. He is proficient with side arms, sub-machine guns and plentiful melee weapons, like swords, knives and axes. He can use any of them in conjunction and with great skill to boot.

Notably, he does not carry his arsenal with him. To provide himself with weapons of his like, he uses metallokinesis to readily create any weapon he needs at the moment. He can create anything from a regular knife up to a working sub-machine gun, though larger and more complex machinery is beyond his ability.

Through direct contact he can manipulate metallic surfaces in order to bend them and attack his opponents, or summon steel spikes from underground. Additionally, given an opportunity, he can assume direct control of a robot and temporarily become its master, however, only as long as he can touch it.

Given the need, he can specifically harden his blades to be able to pierce even very tough armours.

In a pickle, he can activate his Steel Mode, and cover his entire body with a layer of highly resistant metal armour. It is durable enough to completely resist normal melee weapons and small arms fire. While in this mode, he can mould a number of various weapons directly from his body and use them without limitations.

Razor Metal Manipulation

Metal Manipulation.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • In contrast to his incredible proficiency with a variety of weapon types, he is a poor unarmed combatant.
  • He is vulnerable to electric and fire-type attacks, especially whilst in Steel Mode.
  • He lacks destructive power that is often necessary when dealing with high-rank Freaks.


  • Razor is ambidextrous. This is evident by the fact that he habitually dual wields whatever type of weaponry he summons for combat.

Notable Videos

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