Creator Lemurfot
Creation 18 June 2010
Debut Meet The Rabic
Type Creep
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Eerie, lethargic
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Explosive Scream
Inhuman fitness
Terrifying presence
Status Alive

Rabic is an unsettling RED Medic TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Lemurfot.

His theme is Half-Life 2 - Radio.


Allegedly, Rabic was created when a RED Scout found a certain crate stored inside the RED intelligence room on ctf_2fort. There were RED Medic body parts laying on the top of the crate, and on its side a large red button with a "DO NOT PRESS" label.

When the Scout curiously pressed the button, the body parts swiftly assembled to form Rabic, who promptly killed his inadvertent creator using his signature Explosive Scream for the first time.


Rabic is a RED Medic who wears Max's Severed Head. He has a rather disturbing face expression, his misaligned eyes staring emptily into the distance, and his puffed lips stretched in a wide, absent-minded smile.

Personality and Behaviour

Rabic is an atypical TF2 Freak, since unlike many of them he is usually eerily calm and silent. He dwells on ctf_2fort and stays there most of the time, actually rarely moving at all from a place.

Whenever approached, it often appears as if he has not noticed the other individual until he unexpectedly begins his explosive yelling. Even when directly attacked Rabic does not lose his unnerving composure.

Deceptively tranquil, he is actually a truly ruthless and brutal Freak who infrequently mutilates and dismembers his unfortunate victims with his bare hands.

Powers and Abilities

Rabic's most signature power is the Explosive Scream. This increasingly loud yell causes a powerful explosion after several seconds duration, potent enough to knock back even the likes of Painis Cupcake. Sometimes it leaves a miniature mushroom cloud in its wake.

His emptily gazing eyes induce strong illusions when looked directly into, briefly taking the victim into a nightmarish vision.

Every once in a while Rabic displays an inhuman level of physical prowess. For instance, he has survived Übered Painis Cupcake's punch and is capable of easily dismantling several armed humans with his bare hands.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Whereas truly destructive, Rabic's Explosive Scream has had little effect on a high rank Monster like Painis Cupcake, which means its power is clearly limited.
  • Due to his listlessness, Rabic reacts slowly. As such, a clever and fast opponent may easily deal the first couple of blows before he strikes back.


  • His scream is the infamous "FFFFUUUU" sound effect that was popular in the early 2010's.
  • He is somewhat similar to Moodic, another disturbing Medic freak. They even share the same theme.

Notable Videos

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