Creator Peusterokos1
Creation March 19th, 2010
Type Avian
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Predatory
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Super speed
Inhuman strength
Status Alive
Occupation Predator

Pystrich is an avian-like BLU Pyro TF2 Monster. It was created by YouTube user Peusterokos1.

Its theme is Donkey Kong 64 - Frantic Factory.


Pystrich is a result of a genetic experiment, which consisted of mixing a Pyro with an ostrich in Aperture Science Labs. It has escaped right after its creation and roams the world unbound.

Personality and Behaviour

Pystrich is a primitive, animal-like TF2 Monster. It is a very persistent predator which frequently ambushes its unfortunate victims before going in for the kill. Once it acquires a target, it will not stop until it is dead meat.

If not actively chasing anyone, it hides in relatively unsuspecting places, like crates. It waits patiently until a victim approaches wherever it is hidden, where he quickly leaps and bites the victim's head, dragging them with him where it proceeds to grind them, spraying their blood everywhere.

Being a predator, Pystrich is rather hostile to the others and does not hesitate to kill when hungry.

Powers and Abilities

Pystrich's main trait is the impressive speed. It is capable of easily chasing down even Scouts, running fast due to its sturdy legs and aerodynamic silhouette.

Judging by his robust build and fearlessness, it can be presumed that its durability is realtively higher than that of the average Pyro.

Additionally, it displays inhuman strength, as it is able to easily pummel regular mercenaries, including the durable Heavies. Its most powerful attack is a devastating headbutt, which may sometimes cause a small explosion.

Despite apparently wearing a Gas Mask, Pystrich can also bite and hold an average person by the neck. If the victim's cornered, Pystrich can proceed to grind and triturate flesh and bones.

Faults and Weaknesses

Pystrich's weaknesses have not been fully explored, but it can be assumed the more durable Freaks may be able to endure its headbutt explosion.

Lacking arms, it may have a difficult time engaging an enemy in a melee combat, more so if not given time to wind up its headbutt.

In addition, Pystrich is an animal, and as such can be easily outsmarted by clever opponents. Finally, it does not have any means of ranged combat.


  • Pystrich is the oldest Pyro TF2 Monster.

Notable Videos

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