Creator KGJprodacchons
Creation May 1, 2010
Debut Camping in Arena_Lumberyard is not always a good idea...
Type Abomination
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Malignant
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Hypersonic Scream
Warp field
Status Alive

Pygas is a RED Pyro abomination created by YouTube user KGJprodacchons.

Appearance and Personality

Pygas is a regular RED Pyro compressed "into a mere mass of blood, guts, spandex and evil". It seems there exists a BLU variant of the TF2 Monster as well.

A malevolent entity, Pygas is attacked on sight by mercenaries and TF2 Freaks alike. Using his frightening powers, it does not hesitate to reduce its opponents into a bloody pulp, an act which appears to make him happy.

Powers and Abilities

Pygas's main means of movement is Levitation, a power which allows him to hover above the ground, rendering many obstacles meaningless.

Its main offensive ability is its Hypersonic Scream. The sheer power of the soundwaves emitted by Pygas is often enough to cause the victims to explode into a shower of blood and gibs.

As far as defence is concerned, a protective warp field stemming from Pygas's psychic powers renders many conventional means of dealing harm, like heavy weaponry, completely ineffective against it.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • It may be speculated that special abilities of other TF2 Freaks are more successful ways to overcome Pygas's warp field than guns and physical attacks.
  • In addition, disrupting and concussive attacks and clever tactics might serve as another means of circumventing its otherwise strong defences.


  • Pygas bears a considerable resemblance to Snyphurr.
  • His name (and possibly his abominable disposition) is a pun and a reference to Giygas from the game EarthBound.
  • His name is also based off of Pingas, a running gag.

Notable Videos

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