Creator xXTrigantXx
Creation 27th June 2012
Debut installing_potatoneer.exe
Type Enhanced Human
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Strict
Fighting style All ranges
Abilities Telekinesis
Simple Pyrokinesis
Building multiple buildings
Vagineer mode
Weaknesses EMP fields
Low agility
Hat (weak point)
Status Alive
Occupation "Construction worker"
Subordinates Mischievous Medic
Soiled Diaper Station

Potatoneer is a RED Engineer TF2 Freak created by YouTube user xXTrigantXx.

His theme is Donkey Kong Country 2 - Crocodile Cacophony.

Appearance and Personality

Potatoneer appears as a RED Engineer equipped with the Gunslinger, the Deus Specs and an Aperture Labs Hard Hat.

On first sight, Potatoneer looks like a regular Engineer, drinking Scrumpy and minding his own business. Despite looking passive most of the time, he actually is always aware of his surroundings, thinking about different ways to make everyone into his slaves, calling it "employment".

He already is the "employer" of Mischievous Medic and Soiled Diaper Station, and as such he treats them rather demanding. Everyone in his "employment" gets treated pretty fairly though, even being paid for tasks they did not do entirely and are always seen as important assets to his team. Potatoneer gets easily angered though, and will bash everyone in close range who mocks him.

Powers and Abilities

  • Potatoneer can levitate and move certain objects (including himself) via telekinesis, which is his most apparent form of attack.
  • With a small move of his fingers, he can engulf other people in flames. He can (but does not always) exclaim "Campfire" beforehand.
  • He can build up to five buildings of either type (5 sentries, 5 dispensers etc.)
  • Potatoneer's most dangerous ability is his Vagineer-mode. He can turn himself into a Vagineer for at least 3 minutes before turning back. However, he must be injured pretty badly in order to do so, almost near death.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Though his Vagineer-mode is very powerful, it consumes almost all of his life force after returning to his regular state, so if this does not work, he is basically helpless.
  • As he relies on the mechanical implants in his body that enable most of his abilities, he is almost defenseless while under the effect of an EMP field that make his implants defunct.
  • Potatoneer is not very agile, and thus he is open for fast attacks and ambushes.
  • Since his main power source is his hat, removing it makes him as powerful and durable as a regular engineer, even disabling his Vagineer-mode.
  • Sapping some of his buildings makes him slightly insane for the time being, due to the fact that the noise that he hears is stacked for every building.


  • Potatoneer was originally conceptualized as a BLU Engineer and the protagonist of a cancelled series. He would have battled multiple TF2 Freaks during the process of the plot and gained their powers and abilities. This idea was ultimately scrapped, since his creator thought that he was immensely overpowered, even if he adopted their respective weaknesses.

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