Popin Dumbell
Poping Dumbell
Creator Kekas vas Normandy
Creation 14 February 2010
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Malicious
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Energy beam
Status Alive
Occupation Nuisance

Popin Dumbell is a RED Spy TF2 Freak who wields a RED Heavy as a weapon. He was created by YouTube user Kekas vas Normandy.

Appearance and Personality

Popin Dumbell is a normal RED Spy who has many similar mannerisms to Painis Cupcake, including smiling malevolently after introducing himself, and stating his intentions with a chosen victim, except with a few differences. He's not seen sliding on the ground like Painis, so it is assumed that Popin walks to his destinations like every other Freak. Another thing is that Popin, unlike Painis himself, is not a hungry cannibal, but exists to be an annoyance or threat to everyone he meets regardless of team and color, depending on how one views Popin.

Powers and Abilities

Popin has no abilities to speak of, but he is equipped with a RED Heavy that is able to fire a supersonic laser beam at his opponents and victims. The laser beam is so powerful that it completely obliterates whomever it hits, erasing them from existence.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Popin Dumbell is only a RED Spy with a RED Heavy laser weapon and cannot do much in a fight with an actual Freak with more special abilities.
  • If the RED Heavy laser weapon is taken away from Popin, he will be helpless.

Notable Videos

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